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Sodium Acetate Market – Overview Of Vital Industry Drivers

Sodium Acetate Market: Outlook

Food additives are chemicals prepared with some natural or synthetic ingredients and are used to enhance taste and other qualities of a particular food item. Sodium Acetate is one such versatile, FDA-approved food additive that is used to enhance the mix ability and taste of processed foods. Sodium acetate is a type of salt, which has many widespread uses.

Sodium acetate, also known as sodium ethanoate, is a sodium salt of acetic acid. It is a hygroscopic white crystalline powder with a vinegar odor, which is soluble in water. It occurs naturally in plants and animals tissues and can be synthesized through a simple reaction by the neutralization of acetic acid. The synthesis uses sodium carbonate, or sodium hydroxide or vinegar. Sodium acetate is an FDA-approved food additive used to enhance the taste of treated foods. It is also extensively used in the food industry as a food additive for flavoring. Sodium acetate also works as an acidity regulator and in animal feeds and various drugs. Other than the food industry, sodium acetate is also used in the textile industry, water treatment, buffer solution and concrete sealant. Sodium acetate is considered to be environment-friendly and cheaper than other commonly used alternatives.

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Sodium Acetate Market Trends in the Food & Beverage Sector

The primary factor contributing to the growth of sodium acetate is its significant use in processed foods. At present, majority of people commute long distances for work purposes. With less time available to prepare food, people are switching to processed foods, which is aiding the growth of the sodium acetate market. The increased awareness and demand for healthy food have resulted in an increase in the demand for sodium acetate as it can be added to food as an acidity regulator, seasoning, emulsifier, and preservative. Also, the sodium acetate market is a growing market as the introduction to more and more retail stores is boosting the consumption of processed foods, which is positively impacting the sodium acetate market. Sodium acetate is recognized as safe for use in foods by the U.S Department of Agriculture. It is used mainly as an emulsifier and preservative in processed cheeses and dairy. It is also used in fruits and vegetables, meats and fish and the preparation of egg-based desserts.

Sodium acetate boasts of excellent food preservation qualities, on the grounds of which the sodium acetate market has found a major foothold in food processing. Predominantly used as a preservative and emulsifier in dairy products, sodium acetate is also widely used in cheese preparations such as ripened cheese, imitation cheese, processed cheese and cheese analogues. Other dairy products that utilize sodium acetate are buttermilk, sour cream, condensed milk, whey-based drinks and yogurt. The addition of sodium acetate during the process of canning and drying not only adds bacterial deterrent but also elongates the shelf life of the product, thus validating the extensive growth of the sodium acetate market from the processed food domain.

The sodium acetate industry also finds a commendable growth avenue in the processed food sector on account of its increasing popularity subject to hectic lifestyles and a paradigm shift in consumer meal consumption habits. Sodium acetate is used as an acid regulator to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in canned fruit, vegetable and meat. It is also added in preserved legumes such as beans and lentils and nut spreads such as peanut butter. The addition of sodium acetate during the process of canning and drying not only adds bacterial deterrents, but also elongates the shelf life of the product, thus validating the extensive growth of the sodium acetate market from the processed food domain. Attributing to its chemical properties, sodium acetate partially ionizes when dissolved in water. Sodium is a sodium salt of acetic acid, which can be utilized in a wide variety of differing industries such as the textile industry, in rubber production and in the process of cotton, for instance.

Global Sodium Acetate Market: Market Participants

The key market participants identified in the global sodium acetate market include N. B. Enterprise, Palsgaard, Foodchem International Corporation, Estelle Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Changshu Nanhu Chemical, Lonza, Zhongwang Additives, Cayman Chemical, Karn Chem Corporation, American Elements, Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corporation and Sisco Research Laboratories.

Opportunities for Sodium Acetate Market Participants

The global sodium acetate market is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR in the coming years. The potential for the growth of the global sodium acetate market is fairly high, due to the various applications of sodium acetate. The global sodium acetate market has been divided into seven important regions – North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, APEJ, MEA and Japan. Among all regions, APEJ is expected to dominate the sodium acetate market in the coming years. Countries such as India, South Korea and China are pegged to be the principal contributors to the growth of the sodium acetate market. Attributing to the presence of an enormous population in these regions, there’s a huge demand for sodium acetate.

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