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Repair And Replace HTC 10 Broken Screen At Affordable Price In UK

HTC, a former smartphone champion, has struggled in recent years with cell phones that have just missed the target. However, has the Taiwanese company finally cracked this 10th anniversary of making smartphones with the HTC 10? The HTC 10 is 9 mm thick at its lowest point and weighs 161 g compared to the competition. It feels solid and good, but lacks the luxurious feel of the metal used in the One M8. The 5.2-inch quad-HD LCD screen is crisp and bright, but not as vivid as the Samsung Galaxy S7 OLED display.

The HTC 10 features Qualcomm's latest high-end processor, the Snapdragon 820, one of the most powerful. The smartphone also has 4GB of RAM, which supports multitasking and supports 15 tabs in Chrome and a host of other apps in the background. The phone got hot while apps were being downloaded. In general, however, the device was cooler with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor than last year's smartphones. The HTC 10 can handle anything you can throw at it.

The battery life was good, but not great. It took about 32 hours between downloads, it was used as the primary device, received hundreds of emails, push notifications and messages, browsing and using apps for three hours, listening to music with Bluetooth headphones for four Hours and occasional games or photography. Quick Charge Support means that a full charge with the right charger takes just over an hour.

Snappy HTC Sense:

HTC is modifying Android with what it calls Sense. It looks and behaves similarly to any other HTC smartphone and is no different from the standard Android environment. The most obvious points are HTC's Blink Feeds News Aggregator, which is displayed at the far left of the home screen, as well as the layout or arrangement of icons on the home screen.

Instead of being set in a four-by-four-color grid of icons, users can place their icons in any configuration, resize them, or use stickers instead of calling apps or actions. In addition, full design support is available for the home screen and the rest of the system, including the font. A variety of styles are available in HTC's Theme Store. All in all, HTC has spent a lot of time reducing something. Most duplicate apps have been removed and focused on speed, which is a very good thing. Apps are loaded faster, switching between apps is faster and everything feels very snappy. The HTC 10 is one of the fastest smartphones on the market.

Fingerprint scanner:

The HTC 10 has a fingerprint scanner, which also acts as a home button, which is fast like the rest of the phone. I've noticed that it's a bit more prone to dirt on the fingers than the larger sensors on the backs of Google's Nexus smartphones, but with clean fingers they were almost 100% accurate and the best of the rest.


The cameras from HTC have always been interesting, but ultimately disappointing. The HTC 10 finally has a camera that cannot harm the competition. The rear 12 megapixel camera "Ultra Pixel 2" is very good. The laser autofocus is fast, the performance in low light is excellent and the captured images are rich in detail and colorful. I found that the color balance had to do with the lousy office lighting, but it surpassed almost everywhere. The f1.8 lens also produces very appealing images with shallow depth of field and lovely bokeh effects, without having to resort to software tricks. repair services are more affordable and quality. Our HTC repair Centre offering repairs with 12 month warranty. Are you looking for HTC U12, U11 screen repairs? Then, visit

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