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Week 1 – Bootcamp Day 1

OK welcome to The Biz Of Showbiz Bootcamp Week 1.

If you are just looking at a sample of the course then please visit to find out more. 

Alright so you've probably been through your free 5-Day Power Sessions training
before you started here. If you haven't then visit us at and opt-in.

So before we get into it, firstly I'd like to share with you a little of my story and just
how I grew my own voiceover career... and... hopefully you might be able pick up
some insights that will help you along your path. If you've watched the Power
Sessions you probably would have heard some of the story and probably more detail
so we'll just touch on it so I can help get you into the right mindset. Then we'll get into the guts of the next 6 weeks straight away.

Alright we're gonna look at the process by which a voice over artist would come to
work on a project and how you can learn some methods that will really empower you
and give you a sense of control around your career. As an artist it can be really
tough because there‟s this thing you love to do and sometimes it feels like the world
won't let you do it. And I just want you to know that I really know that feeling, I've
experienced it before and it's not fun.

And the answer is just learning how the system works and that's what we're gonna

OK so the next 6 weeks I just need to let you know it's not gonna be a breeze where
you just watch a few videos and then wait until next week. You're gonna do some
work. It's gonna be fun and interesting but you are going to be doing some activities
throughout the week that will really help lock in what you're learning and also help
you to prepare for the week ahead because there'll be stuff every week. And if I'm
giving you a little bit of homework it will help you prep then you'll get a lot more out
from those sessions. Now if you don't get round to it, it won't be the end of the world
but if you really want the true value of this training, I recommend that you watch the
videos, watch the slide show videos possibly a second time and then download the
MP3s that will come with the course and listen to those. Studies show that people
learn in different ways and receiving it in different ways will help with your absorption
of the information.

And finally that you take the time just to do the homework and actually begin to gain
momentum around your voiceover career.


“Get Free Access to Voiceover Training Video Series here”


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