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HTC 10 is one of the favourite mobile devices in 2016. However, each phone has some flaws and errors. The following are the most common problems for HTC 10 mobile device and below are providing possible solutions for each problem.

Common problems of HTC 10:
• Camera not working
• Screen polarization
• Battery life is poor
• Overheating

Camera not working:
Some people facing a problem with HTC 10 mobile when trying to get camera work properly. Most complaints come from the lack of fine quality, purple noise and laser auto focus.

How to fix?
• Go to Settings – About – Software updates
• The update includes reducing purple noise in Pro mode, Auto HDR improvements, outdoor sharpness improvements, low light sharpness and brightness etc...
• If the camera is not switching on, go to Settings – Apps. Find camera App and then tap storage. There you can clear the data.
• Now you can try to turn the camera on.

Screen polarization:
Are you habituated of polarized sunglasses? If so, then you might be very disappointed to see that HTC 10 screen. It is very difficult to see HTC 10 with them. With polarized sunglasses, the HTC 10 screen will appear in either black or completely dark when it is held in a vertical mode.

How to fix?
• Rather than using the HTC 10 mobile in the vertical view, use it in landscape view. You will be able to see much better.
• Always put more brightness.

Battery life if poor:
For the new battery pack HTC 10 mobile is with 3,000mAh, which means that the battery is not exhausted quickly. However, many people said that the battery life of HTC 10 mobile is normal and is drained quickly.

How to fix?
• Go to Settings – Display; reduce screen brightness
• Go to Setting – power; tap on power saver mode
• Check if any apps are consuming more power. Find the app and remove it, so the battery will not drain out quickly

Overheating problem:
This is one of the most common problems for almost all cell phone users faces. In general, when you purchased the new phone, there will be a lot of apps that will get downloaded in your HTC 10 mobile. Also after purchasing the phone, the first week is to be used more than you normally would be using.

How to fix?
• Remove the micro SD card from your HTC 10 mobile phone. Sometimes this would be the reason for the cause of the problem.
• Restart your HTC 10 mobile phone, simply by holding down the Power button and then selecting the Restart button.
• Restart your phone in Safe mode.

If all else fails, then you don’t have another option rather than selecting good HTC repair centre.

If you are looking for HTC repair centre near your location, then you should choose HTC Repairer to fix your device problems. HTC Repairer is one among the best HTC repair centres in your location.

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