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Nowadays due to presence of a number of calling card vendors in the market sometimes it become difficult to choose the right vendor for your destination overseas country. It may seem simpler for you to choose the right vendor from the available providers, but to choose the best one, you must compare certain aspects of the providers. These aspects can result into an efficient service provider, with whom you can lower down your phone bill and avail the best service. You may notice 1000 of ads of the calling card service providers, but your intelligent decision can help you in selecting the best among them.

For all countries the calling card providers are providing various deals, and the prepaid card market has become very huge. While researching the market you may locate various rates, offers, benefits, deals, but to make the right choice you must have to be very brisk, to ensure that yes it is the right vendor, who can provide me the best deal and offer me the same, what I need exactly. For making a firm decision there is not a guide, instead keeping in mind some points can make your task easier. After studying the market certain points which can help you are here:

  1. Search the reviews of the service provider on internet. Thank God that there is internet, which can make your decision making speed faster.

  2. Take the advice of your acquaintances or close friends.

  3. You can talk to the sales persons of the service provider, in this way you can know all details of the service and later can confirm them from the service users.

  4. Go for the most searchable or popular vendor, but mark the point that all the time popularity only cannot help you.

  5. Be aware and warned of Calling Card scams. Prior to taking any service, just read all the terms and conditions and then go for the service.

  6. Search for the calling rate plans, compare all and select the one which lies in your budget.

  7. Search for the reliable network service provider, which is existing from a long time in the calling market.

  8. Some prepaid calling cards come with long Pin numbers, so you can choose the one who provide you Pin less dialling,

  9. For being a wise consumer check the customer care service before purchasing the card of the provider.


The above points can be a buying guide for you and can help you a lot for selecting the best vendor of international calling cards. The PIN numbers provided to you are just to ensure that you will be the only user of your card and no one else can use it. For this whenever you dial any number using these cards, the voice will ask your PIN number and when you will enter the number then you will be able to dial your destination number. Now sometime these PIN numbers are difficult to remember so you can search for the vendor, providing you PIN less dialling service.

Nowadays some providers also provide the calling service through VoIP feature like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber, but all of these services are VoIP based services and needs a high speed internet connection, so if you choose the international calling acrd service for making the international calls, then you must choose the vendor by following the above listed points. The calling cards do not require internet, and can be used with any of your existing phone, either local phone, land line phones or mobile phones.’

For buying an efficient service provider, you can also search for a provider who provides all of the deals and discounts; they can make your calling balance rich and provide you additional benefits as well. Like through the referral scheme you can take the benefit of referral credits and as another service one touch dialling and online account management can be helpful for you. So before buying any of the service you must compare and contrast the provider’s services and choose the one, which is most efficient and economic for you. Since no one would like to spend his hard earned money on the long phone bills.

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