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Benefits Of Submitting Article Online

Content writing has gained a lot of popularity over the years. There are online article submission directories, which store all the contents over the web. There are many SEO related features and quite possibilities that an online article directory offers the authors a great deal of benefits. Most of these directories let you submit your content for free while some of the online directories charge a small amount as their registration fee.


Purpose of Article Directories

The main purpose of the online article directories is the submission and writing of quality content to an article directory which represents the expertise of authors to a certain subject so that the readers could get attracted by the informative and useful articles. Another purpose of the submission of articles to different directories is SEO. This applies to the fact that the more information you would offer to the readers the more potential visitors will come to your website. When you write an article over a certain topic, the writer concentrates over search engine optimization while they concentrate over writing. Articles are submitted to the online article submission directories. An article is comprised of 450 to 500 words with a keyword density of about 2 to 3%. A good author selects a topic related keywords and chooses enough keywords and carefully uses them in the article. This will make the article search engine friendly.


Help in the Promotion of your Online Business

Submitting articles to the directory not only attracts the attentions of the readers but also help to promote your website with a services or the products you are offering. The main feature of the article directory is to link certain keywords with your website. If you have multiple links backed to your website then it would help you build a higher page ranking too. When you have a higher page rank then it would become easier for you to get a better search engine optimization for your website and this way your website would come in the top rankings of the search engines which would ultimately increase your sales.


Article Writing Tips

When you start to write an article, you need to keep one thing in mind that you write for the readers and the main purpose of writing an article is keep the readers on the first page of the search engine. Your content need to be informative, correct grammar should be applied and it should be easy to read and interesting for the readers. Optimization is the last and final step to your written content before you submit it to an article directory. Try not to add more keywords to your articles and try to keep the flow running. The article directories never limit you to one submissions so take your time and come up with a plagiarism free article. The more informative and interesting your article would be the more readers would read it. Always write a quality article before you submit it online. That’s how you will be capturing the attention of the audience.

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