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How Article Directories Work In Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings?

Article submission is one of the most effective and commonly used methods for increasing the amount of incoming links to a website, making it appear in the search engine results organically. This has become widely common, to such an extent that now there are tons of article submission directories available where you can submit your articles. As you will be submitting the articles, you will find it is an extremely wonderful marketing tactic for increasing your visibility and then profits eventually.


Following the Directory Guidelines

As you will surf through different directories to submit article for free, you will see that each directory has its own set of guidelines and requirements and you have to abide by each of them thoroughly in order to be sure that your article gets approved. Some directories have strict rules so you have to be careful in following them. While writing an article, you have to take care of some general key components. For example, the article must have engaging headline for capturing the attention of the viewers so that you can increase the chance of having your article read. After the headline, it is up to you add a short summary for making the reader grab the essence of the article.


Article Body and use of Keywords

The body of the article should be between 500 and 600 words. Most of the article directory websites accept 500 words at minimum. The body of the article must contain the keywords and they must be naturally used throughout the content. You have to be sure that the article is easy to read. The keyword repetition should be enough your article is properly indexed into the right category by the popular search engines. The best keyword density range is 2 to 3%.

Along with keywords, there are some free article publishing sites, which let you place 1 to 2 hyperlinks within the article body. These links are known as outbound links and they take the reader to your web page if he clicks through them.


Using the Resource Box

In most of the directories, you will see a resource box. So, you have to be careful in utilizing it. It is available at the footer of the article where you are supposed to place the primary link of your website. This box is one of the most useful tools for brining visitors to your website. Therefore, do not forget to make the most out of it.

As you keep on posting articles, you will see that an authority will be built within your niche. This comes with secondary benefits such as establishing back links which direct readers to your website. Furthermore, your article will be readily found in the search engine results if you have used the correct keywords and keyword density. You must be sure that this marketing tool is used in the best way so that you can create a profitable campaign. The article must be of high quality and informative so that the readers are attracted by the content you have posted.

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