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Author: Sohel Ather
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Data collection is one of the vital parts for every organization; no matter it is profit making or non-profit making. The data collected through various sources plays a vital role in framing out the business plans and acting accordingly. The data is collected through various sources and consists of same records along with added information in different databases.

Such records needs to be linked together to have complete information on different heading about a person. Two or more different databases needs to be gathered to give birth a new database with detailed information on various heads about the same individual, institute, place, event, etc. This is nothing but a Data Linkage.

Linking a data from two or more databases is very helpful for the organizations. It helps in variety of ways for government offices, health centers, educational institutes, etc. Though it proves to be helpful in variety of ways, it is a time consuming task. Previously it was done manually which was really time-consuming. Another drawback of linking database manually is possibilities of mistakes and errors.

To avoid all such expensive consequences, the best way is to use Record Linkage Software. It’s new generation software that accumulates two or more databases. Analyse them and provide a new database with merged information. Data Linkage Software simply brings together two or more databases that has something in common. Two or more sources of information are related to the same institute, place, event or individual.

Most often such linked databases are used for research by health institutes. The educational institutes, financial institutes, research centers, health center, government agencies and many more organizations enjoys benefits of merged or linked data. Different agencies benefits from such new single dataset which is a combination of two or more dataset with something in common.

Linking of data proves to be very useful. Once the data is linked and new dataset is preserved, this dataset is used for several purposes. The businesses and organizations need not require to use different dataset. A new dataset with all-inclusive information serves great and can be utilized flexibly for various projects and purposes.

The Record Linkage Software is best for creating a new data- set loaded with the every information about an individual available in different data sources. The data linkage software works great to merge various information collected about the same object, it reduces the wastage of time and money of the businesses that may get wasted in following various datasets. A single data-set serves with variety of information that can be utilized for several purposes.

Data Linkage software works really great and is very useful for all businesses. No matter the field of your business or the size of your business. Use a single linked data-set flexibly for all your needs.

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My name is Sohel Ather, software engineer by profession and a content writer by passion, Technical writings, blogging etc are stuff that I do as hobby.

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