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Author: Randynell Pilares
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How do you lucid dream? This is a question that many of our dream experts get. A lot of people are becoming interested in the world of lucid dreaming these days. A huge reason for this is that the common notion, that lucid dreaming is linked to mental illness, is slowly fading. And the good news is that more and more people now better understand lucid dreaming and the many great benefits that it can bring to you.


If you are a beginner in the world of lucid dreaming, this post is perfect for you. We will teach you how to lucid dream. Bear in mind that it takes patience and time to master the craft. At times, things may get frustrating. But just like anything in life, if you persevere, you will be gifted in the end.


Step 1. Understand your regular dreams. We dream every day. In fact, studies have proved that the normal adult aged ten years and above dream an average of 6 dreams a day. This may be a shock to you because when we wake up, we could hardly remember our dreams. Sometimes, we are even not aware that we had dreams! If you want learn to lucid dream, you will have to be more in contact with your sleeping self. The way to do this is to record your dreams. Keep a notebook beside you and list down everything that you can remember from your dream. They don't need to be vivid and the notes that you write do not have to be in detail. Just list down whatever you remember. They can be colors, people's faces, things that were blurry, people's names, etc.


Step 2. Find a pattern. Now that you have a dream tracker, the next thing that you need to do is to find a pattern. By your second week of tracking, you should be able to see a few common things. For instance, maybe you keep seeing the color green and that's because you love climbing mountains and it's been a long time since you last did. Or, you could be seeing darkness and turmoil which leaves you tired upon waking up and this could be because you feel so stressed at work. Understand the patterns and find reasons why these patterns keep occurring in your dreams.


Step 3: Free your mind. Now that you have a good grasp about your dreams, the next thing to do is to meditate. Dream experts say that it’s best to relax your mind a few minutes before you go to sleep. Free your mind from the noises in the actual world and allow it to embrace the world of dreams.


Step 4: Claim it and try. They say that the more that you want it, the more that you'll have it. Before you sleep, ask yourself - what do I want to dream tonight? Know the answer and keep saying it to yourself. As you sleep, try. There has to be a nagging conscious mind at the back of your head to guide you through. Allow yourself to be carried away and dream.


These are just some of the tips to help novice lucid dreamers. We hope you enjoy!

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