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Guide To Buying Property In Goa

Most people fall victims to shoddy property deals because they lack adequate information on the same. Learning how to buy property in Goa can help you get a property that suits your needs and use. It helps avoid unscrupulous dealers in lands and flats. At the same time, it can help avoid buying properties at inflated costs. 

Below is a guide with tips on how to buy flats in and around Goa. 

1. Property accessibility: Some people want property that is accessible in a business development zone or in a zone that is not to be developed further, depending on the use of the property. However, accessibility also touches on issues such as roads, rivers, sea and other features. Whether you are buying a 1 bhk flat in Goa or a 2 flat house, know how far it is from the National Highway, crematorium and or State By-pass. In addition, know whether the property can be assessed via road and that the road has the required or desired width. In this case, ask about the proposed or check the existing width. This is necessary if it to be used for business. Some roads are proposed and are to be widened later, which is considerate if you have the patience or are to stay for a while before starting the business or say buying a car. However, if your business is already operational, buy a 1 or 2 bhk flat in Goa at a place that has wide access roads. 

2. Ask which Goa zone the property or flat falls: According to Goa regional plan or outline development plan, there are about seven zones: settlement, commercial and institutional zones. Others are recreation, conservation, orchid and paddy field zones. You should also seek details of property sub-division approval if the property does not have an original survey number. In addition, the village in which the 1 bhk flat in Goa is located can either be a VP1 Status or VP2 Status so ask about that too. People buying flats in the area should also seek to know how far it is from the tension line. Ask whether there is an underground water line passing through the property or an overhead electrical line over it.  

In addition to this, check whether the land and property is affected by Government Land Acquisition Proceedings or Government Scheme.    

3. Archaeological survey details: When buying property in India, you should also ask details about the archaeological survey relating to the property. For instance, ask if the property could be affected by Fly Zone and Airport Area, whether it is near a military camp, reclaimed land, or affected by mundkar house. Other important issues to determine is whether the land on which the 2 bhk flat in Goa for sale sits is affected by tenancy rights, whether its house number or tax is in Panchayat or municipal records, and whether it is well demarcated or there exists boundary disputes. You should also seek to see the plan for the house and confirm whether the digital survey is showing the actual boundary, the said structures and drainage. Other structures to check condemnation for include easements contours.    
4. Services and amenities: You should ask about electricity and water connections to the existing structures. If there are problems with water connectivity, ask whether there is a well dug in the property.                        

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