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No social gathering is complete without a few cocktails.  A really great and unique cocktail not only keeps people talking when they go home, but they can also be great conversation starters at your get together, making it a social blast.  You don’t need to be a professional bartender to serve great cocktails, or even to create your own cocktail recipes. You just need to learn a few basics.  

First of all, you need to learn about glassware.  Serving a drink in the right kind of glass tells your guests that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to cocktails, and that they should trust your judgment when it comes to knowing what they might like.  Cocktail glasses include champagne glasses, martini glasses, liqueur glasses, tall cocktail glasses and rock glasses.  Rock glasses are better known as shot glasses.  If you’re going to offer your guests a full bar, you’ll need to stock it with all of these different types of glasses.  You never know what kind of cocktail a guest will ask for, and you need to be ready.  

You should also invest in the right equipment to create a few of the most popular drinks.  If nothing else, get your hands on a blender.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive; it just needs to have a strong motor and sharp blades in order to crush ice.  Ice is a staple in many cocktail recipes.  You should also invest in a cocktail shaker.  Cocktail shakers are made from stainless steel and have caps and mini strainers.  Many cocktail recipes call for the ingredients to be shaken and/or stained before they’re poured, making a cocktail shaker an essential piece of bar equipment.  

Before you throw a cocktail party, familiarize yourself with some of the most popular spirits.  Vodka is arguably the most popular.  Known for its almost non-existent taste, vodka goes well with almost every ingredient imaginable.  Make sure to stock up for your get together.  Rum is another widely used spirit.  Although not as versatile as vodka, rum goes well with many ingredients.  Bourbon is also another crowd favorite, but is most often used in drinks that require sour or bitter ingredients like lemons or mint leaves.  The fiery Mexican spirit tequila is also well-known.  Tequila is a very popular drink.  It’s often served as a shot with salt and lemon wedges, which makes for a wild night.  Also, stock up on gin.  There are dozens of cocktail recipes that call for gin due to its unique flavor.   

Lastly, for a complete cocktail party experience, you’ll want to apply garnishes to your drinks to make them even more exciting and appetizing.  While they may seem cheesy, the iconic paper umbrella is a must-have.  Primarily used for tropical cocktails, umbrellas will make your guests chuckle and bring glee to your cocktail party.  You’ll also need to stock your bar with the essentials to make sweetened and salted rims.  You need thick fruit syrup or cream liqueur on a clean plate to dip the rim of your glass in.  Once dipped, dip the glass again onto another plate containing sugar or salt.  You should also supply your bar with plenty of fruits – such as lemons and limes -- that can be placed on the rims of cocktails.  

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