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Vodka is like the actor that never steals the spotlight, but always makes the other actors shine.  Because of its almost non-existent taste, vodka goes perfectly with almost any ingredient that you can imagine.  If you’re looking to create a sweet, sour, or spicy cocktail, vodka can fill the bill and be the perfect matching spirit.


Although there are plenty of cocktails that have vodka as a main ingredient -- such as the Screwdriver, which calls for orange juice and vodka -- some of the more interesting cocktail recipes containing vodka are the ones that will really make your party memorable.  Most people have had vodka before to some extent, and are not adverse to trying something new with it as the main ingredient.


One recipe worth trying out is a cocktail known as a Minty Chocolate Vodka.  First, mix 22 mls each of vodka, white cream of chocolate, and green cream of mint.  Shake the combination well, strain, and pour the liquid into a single shot glass that has already been chilled.  The Minty Chocolate Vodka is a cocktail that will have your guests coming back for more.   


Everyone’s heard of a Bloody Mary, so why not try this unique variation at your next cocktail party?  It’s called the Fresh N’ Fruity Bloody Mary.  First, use a muddler to crush six to eight fresh raspberries in a cocktail shaker.  Add 88 mls of vodka with orange zest, 66 mls of fresh orange juice, 55 mls of cranberry juice, and 22 mls each of raspberry-flavored liqueur and fresh lime juice, then shake.  Add in three or four ice cubes and pour into a tall cocktail glass.  Garnish your Fresh N’ Fruity Bloody Mary cocktail with a fresh raspberry. 


The Melon Coconut Sensation is the perfect drink to serve when you’re relaxing by the pool, sunning at the beach, or just hanging out with a couple of friends.  This tropical drink is made by adding 88 mls of vodka to 132 mls of fresh pineapple juice.  Then add 22 mls each of melon-flavored liqueur and coconut rum liqueur.  Serve it in a tall Collin’s glass and garnish the cocktail with a wedge of fresh lime.  Your guests are sure to love this drink!


Try this next cocktail recipe on a beautiful autumn day.  It’s called the Sweet Apple Vodka.  First, press about 4 fresh ginger slices on the bottom of a cocktail shaker with a muddler or a pestle.  Then add 176 mls of fresh apple juice, 66 mls of bison vodka, and 22 mls each of sugar syrup and apple schnapps liqueur.  Strain the liquid and pour it into a Collin’s glass over crushed ice.  Finish off the cocktail by grating nutmeg over the surface and garnishing it with a slice of fresh apple. 


It’s possible to come up with a completely original cocktail recipe that contains vodka all on your own.  Learn as much as you can about popular ingredients for cocktails such as flavored alcoholic spirits and flavored syrups in order to experiment with combinations that will be all your own.


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