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Clear and almost as odorless as bottled water, vodka has little distinctive flavor of its own -- making it the perfect ingredient for creating different cocktail recipes.   When you mix vodka into cocktails, it elevates the flavors of other ingredients.  Vodka can also come infused with other tasty ingredients like berries, spices, and even chocolate.


Originally from Eastern Europe, vodka was first documented in the 9th century, but the popularity of vodka was not seen in the west until the 20th century.  Vodka can be stirred or shaken, and vodka cocktails are as easy to make as they are to drink.  It’s no surprise that one in every four drinks sold contains vodka.  With only a few ingredients, vodka can be used to make hundreds of distinctive cocktails. 


However, the quality of your cocktails depends on the quality of the vodka you buy.  A cocktail that was made with a $5 bottle of vodka will be different from a cocktail made with a $20 bottle of vodka.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but try to find a middle ground.  Typically, vodka found on the bottom shelves of the liquor store is the cheapest and least likable when it comes to making cocktails.  Rather then reaching for the bottom bottles, why not try investing in the bottles from the middle shelves? 


A vital part of creating cocktails with vodka is learning about other ingredients.  Creating cocktail recipes would not be the same without the other ingredients.  If the vodka lacks the right taste or kick, you can improve its palatability by adding flavoring.  You can use fresh ingredients like chili peppers, strawberries, apples, lemons, limes, or even herbs.  Although the entire process takes about thirty days, it is well worth it.  Simply add the desired ingredient to the vodka bottle and let it stand in a dark corner for about a month -- or even longer, if you like.  The longer the alcohol sits with the ingredient, the stronger the aroma and the flavor will be. 


The last tip that is really useful in making cocktails that contain vodka, is to make sure that the cocktail glass is similar in temperature to the cocktail itself.  When serving cold cocktails, your glasses should be cool.  In the same regard, warm cocktails should be served in warm glasses.  In order to cool down a glass, pour a bag or two of ice cubes in a portable chiller and place the glasses inside of it.  Or, place the glass inside of a freezer for sixty to eighty seconds before pouring the finished cocktail.  When you need a warm glass, simply pour warm water over the glass before pouring the warm cocktail inside.  


Whether you’re new to mixing cocktails or an old pro, it is not hard to create tasty cocktails using vodka.  All you need to do is use your imagination and you will be able to make a memorable drink that everyone will enjoy. 


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