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Fruit has earned a huge place for itself in the world of cocktails.  Many different types of cocktails have fruit in various forms listed in the ingredients.  If you want to make the best fruity cocktails around, then you first need to learn about your ingredients and how they’re used in fruity cocktail recipes.


Along with alcoholic spirits, fruit can be used to make cocktails stand out in terms of taste, smell, and consistency.  One way to use fruit in cocktails is to make fruity flavored spirits.  This is done by placing fresh strawberries, limes, lemons, or apples (just to name a few fruits) into a bottle of vodka or rum.  Then allow the fruit-alcohol concoction to sit undisturbed in a dark corner for about a month. During that time, the alcohol is actually flavored by the fruit, making the resulting spirit really unique. 


Fruits are also used in cocktails as purees. A puree can complete a cocktail’s taste and improve the general aroma of the cocktail recipe.  Purees can also counter-balance some of the negative characteristics of the alcoholic spirit.  You can either purchase jars of fruit purees for the bar, or you can create your own fresh fruit purees on your own.  To create a home-made fruit puree, all you have to do is add 1 tbsp. of sugary solution (or commercial sugar syrup) every time you make a puree.  Pureeing the fruit is basically just removing the seeds, skins, etc. and blending it until the fruit is smooth.


Garnish is another way to use fruit in cocktails.  A carefully chosen fruit garnish can make a cocktail seem even more exciting.  In order to add a fruit garnish, you’ll need a piece of fruit that matches the general flavor of the cocktail.  You can add the fruit in two ways.  You can slice the fruits into chunks and drive a long toothpick through them to create an instant (and beautiful) skewer.  Then place the skewered fruits on top of the glass, and you’re done.  The second way is to add fruit to the cocktail by placing it on the side of the glass.  Simply cut the fruit into a manageable piece, and cut a slit halfway through the fruit.  Place it on the rim of the glass after the cocktail has been poured. 


Because of the pressure to serve drinks quickly, some mixologists have abandoned fresh fruits in favor of canned fruits for their convenience.  However, fresh fruits have many advantages.  Fresh fruits infuse the cocktail with natural flavors and juices that make any cocktail more enjoyable.  Plus, fresh fruits don’t have chemical additives and preservatives which could interfere with the balance in your perfectly mixed cocktail.  If you’re looking to make cocktails that are really fruity, your best bet is to use fresh fruit rather than canned fruit.  With fresh fruit able to give your cocktails both flesh and juice, they enhance those cocktails that require both the flesh of the fruit and its freshly squeezed juice.


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