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The Story Of Hair Extensions In A Famous Painting

Situated on the fifth avenue, the former residence of Remy Alexander is an ancient blue-colored four-storey apartment building. It was the family of Alexander, a generation of trichologist inherited from an owner of Royal Hair Salon. Account for its long history and royal background, developed rapidly by Remy Alexander’s grandfather, innovated various hair extensions by Remy, this building become an excellent Hair Salon called Besthairbuy and it was attracted tens of thousands of people coming and having hair dressing by its reputation.
Deserved to be mentioned that was one of those hazy, calm, dissolving days of summer, when everything look like its outer is so quiet that the faintest breeze as the kiss of the virgin hair can be heard, and white clouds with diversity of wigs seem to faint into the blue of the sky, and soft surrounding bands of vapour make all earth look dreamy, and give to the sharp, clear-cut outlines of the atmosphere all those mysteries of light and shade which impart such tenderness in front of the Besthairbuy. The landscape of these finally became a background of a famous painting which drew down by Picasso, a man with virgin hair and came into Besthairbuy to make a hair dressing on that day.
     That day living in the two flats on the second floor, Remy designed kinds of new style of clip in hair, which novel, faddish and peculiar hair extensions were long to dress up the different people suited for different style.                   Picasso, a genius artist came into this ancient building and visited the whole Salon for a long time, observed everything and everyone in there with the solemn black clock stood swaying with its eternal “tick-tock, tick-tock”, in the hall of the Salon. No one dare broken this tranquility or no one pay attention to his visiting. The wigs, marcel waver, hairdressers’ action always catch his eyes and involved him in a deep thinking. When Remy noticed him, he was going to use a scissor shear his hair by himself, with a serious and suspicious countenance.
       “Sir, may I help you?” Remy came up and asked.
        Picasso stopped and hesitated a few second, then said, “I want a new style of my hair, which hair extensions should I chose?”
        Remy smiled and show him into a personal haircutting room. It was after the birth of Remy’s unprecedented masterpiece performed on the hair that his adept clipping skill and extraordinary artistic insight was appreciated by Picasso, the master of abstractionist school.
        Picasso went away for the summer. When he returned, he went at once to the unfinished picture in the corner of his studio,as soon as possible finished this painting under his memory in Remy hair weave. When this painting has a big success, as Picasso said, action is the foundation.
        Remy later said he had never heard of the artist when he first approached him saying: “I am Picasso. You and I are going to do great things together with these new hair extensions. I will draw down your art on my hair.”
      So this is the story of the hair extensions behind the famous painting.
     The end.

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