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Salesforce Apex

Define Apex

The peak is a specific, object-arranged programming language that enables engineers to execute stream and exchange control articulations on Salesforce servers related to calls to the API. ... Zenith Code can be started by Web administration demands and from triggers on items.

Apex Similar to Java

Linguistically Salesforce's pinnacle language is fundamentally the same as Java. You don't have to realize Java to deal with Apex however realizing essential Java unquestionably makes it simpler. In any case, Salesforce is much more than composing just Apex code. You are right, Apex is 95% like JAVA as its linguistic structure and coding style is like JAVA.


Highlights of Apex as a Language


Pinnacle has worked in help for DML tasks like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and furthermore DML Exception dealing with. It has support for inline SOQL and SOSL question taking care of which returns the arrangement of subject records. We will consider the subject, SOQL, SOSL in detail in future parts.

Java-like linguistic structure and simple to utilize

Summit is anything but difficult to use as it utilizes punctuation like Java. For instance, factor assertion, circle punctuation, and contingent proclamations.

Unequivocally Integrated With Data

Peak is information engaged and intended to execute numerous questions and DML proclamations together. It issues various exchange articulations on Database.


Peak is a specifically language. It utilizes an immediate reference to diagram items like the subject and any invalid reference rapidly comes up short in the event that it is erased or if is of an inappropriate information type.

Multitenant Environment

Summit keeps running in a multitenant situation. Subsequently, the Apex runtime motor is intended to protect intently against rampant code, keeping it from hoarding shared assets. Any code that abuses points of confinement comes up short with straightforward blunder messages.

Overhauls Automatically

Pinnacle is redesigned as a feature of Salesforce discharges. We don't need to overhaul it physically.

Simple Testing

Pinnacle gives worked in help to unit test creation and execution, including test outcomes that demonstrate how much code is secured, and which parts of your code can be increasingly proficient

Apex Variable:

Java and Apex are comparable from numerous points of view. Variable affirmation in Java and Apex is likewise a remarkable same. We will talk about a couple of guides to see how to announce nearby factors.

String productName = 'HCL';

Integer i = 0;

Set<string> setOfProducts = new Set<string>();

Map<id, string> mapOfProductIdToName = new Map<id, string>();


Scope  of Variables
An Apex variable is substantial from the point where it is proclaimed in code. So it isn't permitted to reclassify a similar variable again and in the code square. Likewise, on the off chance that you pronounce any factor in a strategy, at that point that variable extension will be constrained to that specific technique as it were. Be that as it may, class factors can be gotten to all through the class.

//Declare variable Products
List<string> Products = new List<strings>();

//You cannot declare this variable in this code clock or sub code block again
//If you do so then it will throw the error as the previous variable in scope
//Below statement will throw error if declared in same code block
List<string> Products = new List<strings>();


Apex Array

Arrays in Apex are basically the same as Lists in Apex. There is no logical distinction between the Arrays and Lists as their internal data structure and methods are also same but the array syntax is little traditional like Java.

Below is the representation of an Array of Products −

Index 0 − HCL

Index 1 − H2SO4

Index 2 − NACL

Index 3 − H2O

Index 4 − N2

Index 5 − U296


<String> [] arrayOfProducts = new List<String>();

Apex  Applications 
  • We can utilize Apex when we need to −
  • Make Web administrations with incorporating different frameworks.
  • Make email administrations for email impact or email arrangement.
  • Perform complex approval over numerous items simultaneously and furthermore custom approval execution.
  • Make complex business forms that are not bolstered by existing work process usefulness or streams.
  • Make custom value-based (rationale that happens over the whole exchange, not simply with a solitary record or article) like utilizing the Database techniques for refreshing the records.
  • Play out some rationale when a record is adjusted or alter the related article's record when there is some occasion which has made the trigger flame.



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