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Bolitho Property Management provides a range of property management services to residential property investors. Ask us about our competitive rates for property management.


Bolitho Property Management offer stress free and professional management for landlords in the Tasman district.


Bolitho Property Management is a dynamic team of dedicated property management professionals setting the standards for the Nelson/Richmond region.


Bolitho Property Management is a values driven business not a profit driven business. While profit is important to make our business sustainable we believe that if we live out our values and act with honesty and integrity then profits will be enduring. We are not interested in short term profit that will not be sustainable. Our foundational values are honesty and integrity Landlords, We pay your rent if your tenant doesn’t. Guaranteed. With our rent guarantee, you will always receive your rent on time.

Bolitho property managers have more time to care so we can offer a comprehensive, proactive service. We restrict the number of properties each manager cares for to ensure they have the time they need.


When you appoint Bolitho to manage your property you will receive our 100% Occupancy Guarantee ensuring that you continue to receive the full rental income even if your property is vacant between tenancies.

Bolitho provides a 100% Occupancy Guarantee to new customers which covers any loss of rental income if there is a vacant period between tenancies.


At Bolitho, we are proud of the comprehensive systems we have in place to provide the highest  quality property management services to our valued clients. We are so confident in our management expertise that we are willing to offer you a 100% Occupancy Guarantee for your peace of mind.

If your property is vacant between tenancies Bolitho will pay you for every day that your property is vacant ensuring that you receive the full income each month, and alleviating any loss of income concerns when your tenant gives notice to leave.


With both our Rent Guarantee and 100% Occupancy Guarantee Bolitho is putting its money where its mouth is and providing you with peace of mind property management.


Our Property Managers have the time and the commitment to attend to the small details and follow through. Because we expect that properties be kept to the same standard we expect in our own homes we make sure that we have the time to invest. For instance, if we notice condensation on windows in winter we can coach tenants on how to best address this and provide written resources to reinforce the methods. At the next inspection we can confirm that necessary steps to prevent mould are being taken and continue with any further coaching or provide positive feedback. In this example the life of curtains and paintwork is extended, saving the property owner on maintenance and ensuring the house continues to attract quality tenants. The health of the tenants is protected, they and future tenants continue to enjoy a well maintained property. By noticing and following through on the details we limit bigger problems and look after your property as if it were our own.

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