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The future cannot be predicted, but future can be invented. Right? You cannot really predict a future but I am sure as hell you can create it. Remember on January 9, 2007 when Steve Jobs stood on stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to announce the very first IPhone, The event that changed the smartphones forever. From that point on, touchscreens, apps and digital media were the way forward. At that time almost nobody could predict that more than a million people would buy a watch that not only tells the time but reads your text messages, checks the weather and tracks your workouts, too.

The wearable technology applications are rising at rapid pace and the market is expected to be worth $25 Billion by 2019. Market will grow almost threefold with more than 245 million wearable devices sold in 2019. Among the wearable technology applications, smartwatches are the most valuable segment, taking 60% of market value, but fitness trackers remain most popular, accounting for more than half of all wearables shipments in 2015.

Take a look at top the top 3 Wearable Technologies:

  • Smartwatches

The most popular device with consumer among the wearable technology applications is smartwatches. Apple Watch surely helped the consumer to see the usefulness of wearing smartwatch on their wrist. It’s like a mini-mobile, one can use it to answer calls while driving. The notifications for emails and messages appear on the phone. According to International Data Corporation, around 190 million wearable devices will be sold in 2022, which means growth of about 13 percent a year, with smartwatches accounting for over half of all sales.

  • Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker, is a device for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, heartbeat and other personal metrics involved in fitness. It is a type of wearable computer. It can also measure your oxygen level while you are sleeping. One of the top leading company Fitbit had sold 70 million fitness trackers and had a revenue of 2.57bn in 2018. It has become important to have healthy lifestyle which will lead to healthy life as a result people are becoming more aware of this activity trackers as it can help them to track their workout sessions.

  • Eyewear

Smart Eyewear or smart glasses are wearable computer glasses that add information alongside or to what the wearer sees. Like other computers, smartglasses may collect information from internal or external sensors. It may control or retrieve data from other instruments or computers. The most recognized smart eyewear is Google glass that popularized the concept of smart glasses. Some smart glasses also have some features of smartphone-like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and fitness tracker.

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