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Flying can be a pleasure but it has its nuances too. It can really be a difficult task to select the best airline ticket while traveling. It can even make you feel that you need some special abilities to choose the perfect seat. Along with these special seats or facilities, comes the special price that you need to pay while booking your flight.

We have come to know that, many domestic flights are splitting up their economy class offerings into basic, standard and plus, adding up to the already complicated ticketing process. In this way, airlines are charging more from customers offering them à la carte flight. Among all these categories, one has to pay the least amount of money for a basic economy ticket. Though there is a very little difference in Economy and Basic Economy, both the categories are separate and provide separate kind of privileges to the passengers.

Basic Economy is specially designed for customers who are conscious of their budget. The fares of Basic Economy are quite low but the in fight services like food and beverages, entertainment, etc are more or less the same with that of standard United Economy fares. Standard Economy is created for those who are in search of that extra amount of comfort and are more price-conscious. Standard Economy allows you to personalize your travel and avail of all the additional facilities.

Here are the minor differences between a Basic Economy and Standard United economy flight.

·   Complimentary seat selection and upgrades

When you fly on Basic Economy, you will be assigned a complimentary seat before you board the flight and you cannot make any changes or upgradation to your seat. However, in Standard Economy, you can select your seat at the time of booking.

·   Group and family seating

A basic economy ticket will not allow you to sit together with your group unless you purchase advance seat assignments and extra seats are available. However, there are no such restrictions if you are traveling on Standard Economy.

·   Baggage

If you are on a trans-Atlantic flight, your carry-on baggage allowance will be the same as for standard Economy tickets. F traveling on any other Basic Economy tickets, you cannot travel with a full-sized side bag. You have to be a Mileage Plus Premier member to avail of the facility.

·   Carrying personal items

You can carry only one small personal belonging that can easily be placed under your seats, such as a purse, laptop bag, shoulder bag or another item. There are no such restrictions on a Standard Economy ticket.

·   Changes and Refund

You cannot make any changes to your ticket if you are traveling on Basic Economy, including advance and same-day changes. You cannot avail of any refund unless you make any changes/cancellation stated within the 24-hour flexible booking policy. However, you can get a refundable ticket if traveling on Economy.

·   Last boarding group

With a Basic Economy, you will be the last group to board your flight until and unless you have a Mileage Plus Premier membership or know someone who is traveling on the same reservation, have a qualifying Mileage Plus credit card or is a Star Alliance Gold member.

Looking at the facilities provided in the economy classes, it can be concluded that customer satisfaction is not what United Airlines mainly focuses on, unlike the other legacy U.S. carriers. The airlines are currently looking to revamp their premium cabins, with their Polaris offering in business and first.

If you wish to avail of the comforts provided by the airlines, you can make your United Airlines cheap flights and yourself find out the difference between all the different classes that one can choose to travel.






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