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7 Most Popular Software Development Technologies

The tectonic shifts in the plates of industries have led to huge transformations that no one could have guessed a decade back. Software development is one such trend that has seen a lot of evolution in the recent past years. The field is extremely dynamic and versatile which focuses on developing software applications that cater to users' latest needs and emerge business as an established one.

In our previous blogs, it has already been elucidated how software development can be a tricky task. The whole team of developers, testers, coders have a hard time working on planning and developing software applications that work best for both their stakeholders and the users. Software development companies thus often incline towards getting the support that helps them develop software applications easily and effectively.

One such support is software development technologies that developers use to develop software applications. In such a demanding environment, the use of software technologies enables software developers to stay agile, skilled and updated with what’s trending and how to manage the challenges.

We are here to share 7 most popular software development technologies that are a big game up for the software developers. Let's get started.

1. JavaScript

An oldie to mention, JavaScript is one such software technology that has been in the market for long. Until now, all the developers have been relying on JavaScript for all kinds of development of software applications. Despite having various setbacks with the language, JavaScript has continued to be the most favored language used for software application development.

It is equipped with libraries and frameworks that have made JavaScript even more powerful with time. It offers a path to front-end developers to become full-stack developers because of Node, a JavaScript running on the backend server. For every software development company, JavaScript is one of the most crucial software development technologies.  

2. SQL

SQL stands for Standard Query Language and leverages database management which is a very critical part of software development. While most developers do not find it essential to be aware of the SQL technology, they still face a lot of database management challenges which makes it a necessity to be aware of. SQL language is usually utilized for manipulation, storing, and retrieving data in the database. Today, an application is preferred that can digest a chunk of data without losing any of it. With the help of SQL, big data solutions can be developed easily.

3. Java

An object-oriented programming language that is currently the obsession of many software developers, Java is widely used across the globe because of its consistency, stability, and cross-platform compatibility nature. It’s always advisable for beginners to start with Java programming language as the language has more to offer to beginners. It comes with features like:

  • Little implementation dependencies
  • Platform dependent
  • Used to develop interconnected and highly intelligent tools
  • Java SDK is used to develop, design and in using applications that are Android specific

4. C Language

Considered as a high-level language, C is closer to hardware than most languages. It's one of a kind, C is a portable language that is used in nearly all operating systems to run compilers and control the core functions of an operating system. C language is the most preferred choice of a custom software development company when it comes to software development. It has paved the way for many successful technologies such as C#, Java, and Objective-C.

5. Python

A high-level general-purpose programming language, Python is widely used to develop software applications that cater to the demands of the users. It is considered to be one of the easiest, stable and versatile languages. It also integrates well with other programming languages, making it more adaptable than most languages. Maximum use of this technology is in the development of software applications like GUI based desktop applications, games, scientific and computational applications, business and enterprise applications, and web applications.

6. Blockchain

Who could ignore the latest trend of Blockchain in the use of software development? Earlier, Blockchain was utilized only for banking and financial matters. But software developers today are integrating the technology in several other software applications. Its extreme level of security feature has gripped developers in integrating it with various other applications that can be benefited with it. Businesses are configuring Blockchain to make transaction and authentication process safer and easier.

7. Swift

Last but not least, Swift is the modern-day, most conceptualized general-purpose programming language that was built keeping performance in mind. The technology ensured that it helps developers to code faster with simple syntax and hand-holding feature. It prevents errors and enhances the readability of the coding. It's one of the most in-demand programming languages, surpassing Objective-C, Go, Scala, and R.


Wrapping up, there's no limitation in software development of any kind. You can talk about more than 7 technologies that are uplifting software development. Businesses just need to explicate their requirements to the software development companies and they opt for the best integration of technologies that serves the client and user needs. The development will see massive changes in the coming years and sure to bring huge achievements for businesses and software development companies alike.

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Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.

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