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After The C-section, How Do We Get Back In Shape ?

The aftermath of cesarean delivery is different from the aftermath of low birth. Pain, post-cesarean scar, possible complications... Focus on the after-cesarean section.

Pain relief after cesarean section

The first 48 hours after a cesarean section are often painful. Analgesic treatment is provided for a minimum of 3 days. Painkillers are given to you intravenously or orally: low dose morphine, paracetamol.,

Namely: as these pain relievers are taken for short periods of time, there is no effect for your baby if you are breastfeeding. No reason to suffer!

Post-cesarean scar: promote healing

In the maternity ward, the nurses and midwives will take care of changing your scar bandage every day. Tips for better healing when you get home :

Do not take a bath until the third week after giving birth.

Avoid wearing pants or skirts with a zipper at the level of the scar, just like short panties. This is to avoid rubbing of the cesarean scar, which can lead to the creation of ridges.

You can massage the Scar once it is well closed with a moisturizing and drying cream every day. This makes it softer and prevents adhesions. It is possible to make a massage of the scar by a masseur-physiotherapist.

Prevent the risk of phlebitis

To avoid any risk of phlebitis or embolism, you will get up after 24 hours. it is painful but necessary! Anticoagulants are prescribed in case of varicose veins, history of phlebitis... Anticoagulant injections are done at home for 3 weeks by a nurse.

The consequences of cesarean section
You may experience nausea just after the cesarean section. They're very painful. The medical team administers you, in this case, to relieve you of medicines that prevent vomiting.

The discomfort caused by abdominal sutures makes it difficult for you to breastfeed your baby. During your stay at the maternity home, ask for help to install your baby. The lying position, Baby tells you, makes it doesn't weigh on your belly. When you can sit down, put a pillow over your belly and put your baby on it.

After the c-section, it is common to have a slow transit (due to the operative gesture, anesthesia, medication). To fight constipation, walk as it stimulates transit. Choose a diet rich in fiber. It is possible to use a laxative over a short period of time. Your doctor or midwife will listen to you on this subject too.

After the cesarean section, blood loss (lochia) is greater than after low birth. They last 3 weeks, sometimes longer, up to 2 months.

Postpartum rehabilitation after cesarean section

After a cesarean section, you are entitled to abdominal and perineal rehabilitation. Abdominal rehabilitation should not be started until perineal rehabilitation has been completed.

Will I be more tired after the C-section?

Having a baby is always exhausting in the first few weeks. But with a cesarean section, the pain and shock of the operation are added to the tiredness of the delivery. Again, it all depends on the women: some of them recover more easily than others. You can't do it after the C-section? Rest as much as you can, review your organization and try to delegate. Most importantly, talk to your doctor during the postnatal visit (6 to 8 weeks after delivery).

Being pregnant again, soon to be allowed after the cesarean section?

Two months after delivery, the scar of the uterus is already consolidated. After this time, a new pregnancy will pose no medical problems. However, most doctors generally recommend waiting a year after the cesarean section. A few months are not too long, physically and psychologically, to recover from a baby's birth and operation.

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