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How To Get Your Dining Table Festival Ready With Just 5 Elements!

Though, we might find it very easy to decorate the dining table sets by simply putting up a fruit bowl or lighting some fairy lights on the wall at the back. But, it is an easy way out and looks ordinary!


If you are wondering how to decorate the dining table sets in a minimalist yet gorgeous way, then, you are in the right place.


Decoration of this furniture unit is the trickiest part! You have an entire table to utilize, and each element placed on the table-top should be satiating the different requirements. That is, it should be of the colour that blends well with the decor of the room like curtains and the wall colour. Plus, it should also be of a particular height to add depth to the setting.


The dining table sets, be it round, rectangle, square or oval, is a significant part of the interior decor. You can never miss on purchasing it. Being the centre of every discussion and game night, this furniture unit is a must-have and also have to be decorated perfectly.

The following steps will guide you through different decor tips and tricks. 


1. The elegance pack with beautiful vases:

A beautiful vase is the first thing that strikes when it is about embellishing the dining table set. It can add oodles of elegance and depth to the table with perfect height and colour. 

The glass or ceramic made vases will amp-up the room with sheer colour and beauty. Go for the ones with translucent gorgeousness like sheer green or sheer red! Just the right tint of colour will add glamour to the table. 

Plus, also choose sets which have different size and shape of vases. 


2. Table runners and other dressing materials:

Mats, runners, and table covers! Everything has to be matched and placed together for a singular theme. Go for solid colour as the table colour or white lattice-pattern table cover accompanied by a printed table runner and mats.

You can also go with the minimalist decor by ditching the table cover and just keeping mats and runner on the table. 


3. Showcase the festival theme:

Add elements that show the festival perfectly! Golden bling on each of the furniture element or red colours for a brighter look. Choose everything according to the theme.

You can also showcase a floral theme for a minimalist look. 


4. Faux flowers and planters:

We are not going to leave the beautiful vases empty! We are going to place faux flowers inside them. So, go online and search for the flowers that you love and would like to display. 

Adding flowers and green faux plants to the festive decoration will add a sense of naturalness and liveliness to the dining table set. 


5. The fragrance to the decor:

The final touch to the decor is to add fragrance to the dining table set for soothing supper time. You can do it in two ways; either add fresh flowers to the decor. Or you can go to the potpourri.

Assemble a golden dipped bowl and pour the potpourri in it. Keep it next to the vases we have set up. This will add a soothing aroma in the room!

You can even go for the scented candles! Or the electric lights where you can place the essential oil of your choice to amp-up the room with the fragrance of your choice. 

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