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The Adjusted Cyclone Skill Gems In PoE 3.8

Cyclone spins at the player's attack speed and deals area of effect damage twice per spin. When dual wielding, each weapon hits once per spin.

While Cycloning, the player is immune to stun and knockback. Death, being frozen, and 

Bear Traps
 will still stop movement. Movement will also stop upon hitting an object. Characters can pass through enemies for the duration of the attack. Note that this is not considered Phasing.


Blue consumption 2 (unchanged)
Attack speed: 300% base attack speed
Additional performance: 54%

The whirlwind is now the base of 11 and is no longer affected by the distance of the weapon itself.

54% base damage (unchanged)
Attack with additional 28-42 Physical damage (down from 56-85)
8% range effect for each additional 1 melee distance (new)
30% less moving speed (unchanged)
The first attack causes 50% less damage (unchanged)
Add one layer every 0.2 seconds when booting (new)
Up to 6 floors (unchanged)
Increase 1 skill distance per layer (from melee distance to skill distance)
Loss one layer every 0.3 seconds when not booting (up from 0.2 seconds)

The new cyclone mechanics is more powerful. By using these new features, players can get PoE Exalted Orb more easily. The adjustment seems to be that the first additional damage is cut in half, the scope of the weapon does not affect the basic scope, and the size of the various weapons can be balanced. The empty hand whirlwind has made great progress, and the squid whirlwind has been "arranged." And because the foundation no longer affects the size, the previous full-screen whirlwind has been difficult to achieve, but in order to prevent too small impact on the clearing, each ADD1 melee distance gives 8% range (increase range effect is actually the increase or decrease of the impact range, the actual The more bonuses the gain is, the more it is now, and the increase in the number of layers becomes a fixed time of 0.2 seconds, so it is also a balance for slow weapons.

Multiple strike assist
Blue consumption is 160% (down from 180%)

The assisted skill can be attacked 2 times (unchanged)
Auxiliary skills gain 44% more melee attack speed (unchanged)
The assisted ability deals 10% less attack damage (down from 30% less damage)
The first additional attack deals 22% more damage (down from 50% more damage)
The second additional attack deals 44% more damage (down from 99% more damage)

Increased the first damage and reduced the blue consumption, but in order to balance, weaken the increase of additional attack damage.

Under the influence of multiple strikes of the original base 100 damage
Base damage: 100*0.7=70
First extra: 70*1.5=105
Second extra: 70*1.99=139.3

Base damage 100 under the influence of multiple strikes after revision
Base damage: 100*0.9=90
First extra: 90*1.22=109
Second extra: 90*1.44=129.6

This change allows the first two of the multiple strikes to achieve higher output, even if the frequent moves will not make the damage too low, so slightly weaken the last balance. But the whole is a very good upgrade.

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