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Cattle are the most essential part of the livestock. This is the reason why many industries focus on producing high-quality foods for animals. The nutritional value of the stock feed is raised for providing high-quality milk and other dairy products.

Two major types of feeds are there- the most common hay and the newest form known as silage. Silage is a kind of cattle feed which is prepared from the anaerobic respiration of the annual crops like sorghum, oats, corn, and so on. As the crops are fermented, the energy content of the feed is highly increased.

Over the years, the use of the corn silage has increased, the reason being their high nutritional content, their specific benefits for the health of the cows and buffaloes, and their abundant availability in India.


As you are aware silage is one of the primary foods for the cattle, it has become imperative for the best silage suppliers in India to produce only high-quality food. The major need of the farmers is to have a kind of food which will be nutritional and will result in increased milk production.

It is for this reason that the silage producers are focusing mainly on the corn silage. This particular silage variety is produced from the husks of the corn plant after the fruit is harvested. As corn is one of the major annual crops of Indian agricultural realm, it is safe to say that the food is available in a lot all through the year.


Corn silage is produced mainly via anaerobic respiration for reducing the water content in the fermented product. Because it undergoes fermentation, a slight vinegar-like taste and smell will be there.

This helps the farmers to identify whether the silage is of the best quality or not. Now, coming to the part where it is manufactured from the leftover crops- every corn silage provider in Punjab and other parts of India where the crop is grown makes sure that they are allowing the crops to ferment for at least three weeks.

Here is a brief explanation of how silage for animals is produced from corn.

1.    First, the crop is harvested from the fields using a forager. After harvesting, they are left for wilting to reduce the moisture content.

2.    Once satisfied, the crops are then transferred to pit for fermentation.

3.    Packing is an essential step where the harvested strands are packed into bales.

4.    They are then dropped into a pit to a depth where oxygen cannot reach the crops and facilitate aerobic respiration.

5.    A minimum time lapse of three weeks is allowed for the production of lactic and acetic acid.

6.    After the time lapse, the silage is taken out and then packed for selling purposes to the farmers.


Coming to the benefits of corn silage, let's have a look at why it is one of the best cattle foods.

1.    First, the best corn silage is easily digestible and facilitates the nutrition system of the cattle.

2.    Next, corn silage being easily available, provides a nutritious meal all through the year.

3.    It is a dry matter with minimal water content and hence is easy for storage.

4.    Corn silage increases milk production, ensuring high-quality milk from the cattle.

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Meal by Silage Agro one of the emerging product selling company. The company was established in the year 2014 by Mr. Sahil Anand. It is the first company in India using exclusive European Machinery for making High Quality Corn Silage Bales. Their mission is to improve the productivity of Indian Dairy farmers and help them in getting the most out of their farms by providing them International quality products and services. They provide a high quality feed with precise nutritional balance and that is what makes them different. They also provide innovative packaging for long shelf life of about 18 months. The animals that they feed are cows and Buffalos. They have vertically integrated operations starting from Farm to Retail marketing. They have an exclusive MoU with a leading US based Multi National Company. Mr Sahil Anand is the one who has touched heights with his great work and innovative thinking which not only fulfill the basic needs but ones nutritional needs too. 

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