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Best Electric Heaters Manufacturers In India

What is the heating element?

As the name suggests, a heating element is used for the purpose of increasing the temperature in a heater. There is a diverse range of heating elements offered by manufacturers and suppliers in India. Whether it is porcelain, cartridge, or stripe heating element, each product is tested for quality and performance. A good heating element has to be lightweight, non-corrosive, and long-lasting. When Best electric heaters manufacturers in India make heating elements, they make products that are long-lasting and robust. Therefore, it makes an ideal option to invest in. An electrical heating element is made by using raw material procured from trusted vendors gives you the best performance. Each component passes through stringent quality checks to meet the requirement of customers. Every heating element is different, and so are their usage.

Types of heating elements

Heating elements used in industrial and commercial as well as consumer applications are of various kinds.

Immersion Heating Element

It is used for heating gases and liquids. As the name suggests, the element is immersed in the liquid for heating without causing any harm or malfunctioning. Due to fast heating, efficient performance and cost-effectiveness, immersion elements are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. Prominent usage areas are process system, boilers, heat transfer system, boiler, storage tanks, and so on.

Quartz Heating Element

These heating elements convert electrical current into the infrared by running through resistors. Thus, rapid heating happens. The fast processing speed makes quartz elements ideal for applications such as petrochemical, automotive glass. Electronics and textile industries.

Flexible Heating Element

It can take any shape and provide direct heating. The element can bond to a variety of compounds. It is very thin and bendable. Hence, it is versatile.

Infrared Heating Element

It generates heat in the form of the infrared wave, which is a type of electromagnetic radiation. When used in conjunction with radiating heaters (immersion, duct, or tubular), it can heat air or liquid on a large scale. Infrared heating elements are used in water treatment plants, steam generation, boilers, or pressure vessels.

Wire Heating Element

When heating elements are found in the form of wires or coils, they are called wire heating elements. These elements are considered ideal for commercial and industrial drying.

Ceramic Heating Element

These elements are mainly used in convection heating. They are used in furnaces, semiconductors and space heaters predominantly.

Why is Heatec Heaters the best company in the niche?

Heatec Heaters is engaged in the business of manufacturing and supplying heating elements and heaters. It is a company supported by sound technical know-how and ethical practices of business. Hence, when there is a need for quality heaters, it is the first choice. In heaters, it is important that every product is made with perfection. For that, the quality parameters have to be stringent. At Heatec Heaters, the production team ensures that heaters, do not just deliver as per expectation, but much beyond that. Heating products and accessories are supplied to a wide spectrum of industries. It assures the best service experience to the customers and stakeholders. The range of electrical heaters manufactured and supplied by Heatec is outstanding. It covers all types of water, oil and air heaters, duct heaters, ESP heaters, extrusion heaters, and so on. The products are supplied all over India.  Due to high-quality products and customer support, it is regarded as a leading manufacturer and supplier of furnaces, heating elements, and thermocouples in the country. Each product supplied by it stands out differently in the competitive marketplace. Before narrowing down to a specific heating element, you should know the type of application and heating requirement.


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