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In the recent past, the world of fashion has faced huge development that is spread worldwide. From irresistible outlooks to modern fashionable outfits, everyone has seen an immense change in the fashion industry. This development has also reached in hair fashioning where people tend to use various types of coloring products on their hair to make it look unique and beautiful. There are tons of hair brands available with millions of hair products to choose from. From artificial to organic hair colors, the demand for these hair coloring products never stops.

In these many choices, you can get confused about what will suit you and most importantly your hair. Nowadays, people tend to try organic fashion products to resist their bodies from touching any artificial content. They also try to color their hair by themselves so that they do the coloring according to their choices. Let’s take a look at some considerations you should make before coloring your hair.

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Things to Consider for Coloring Your Hair

  • Preparing Your Hair – The very first thing you should try to do with your hair before coloring it is to leave it unwashed for at least 2 to 3 days so that it can regenerate some amount of natural hair oil which will further help your scalp to resist any chemical that is present in your hair color. If you are using organic hair color, then it is not mandatory, but try to leave your hair unwashed for at least a day just for minor precautions.
  • Applying Vaseline – This process is not for your hair, but to protect your skin near the hairline. Apply Vaseline near the hair area so that the color does not stain on that part and get easily removed after washing. This protects your skin from irritation too.
  • Strand Test – After reading the instructions on the box of your hair color, mix the mixture and try it first on your lower hair strands first to check the timing of the setting of color on your hair. It also gives a brief idea about how your hair will look after coloring.
  • Applying Color – This process is essential too. You have to color your hair, leaving at least an inch or a half-inch from the scalp and slide the color towards the end. This is due to the heat present in your head surface which sets the color faster on your hair roots. Always use a color brush to apply the color on your hair so that you could get a professional look.

How to Make the Color Last Long?

Every person wants their hair color to last longer than usual. To make it happen, you should try to consider some points mentioned below:

  • Use some of the best organic hair color available in the market
  • Shampoo your hair less often to let the color stay on the hair
  • Use Sulfate and Paraben free shampoos only
  • Use hair conditioners in a week interval to mask your hair
  • Try to always air dry your hair instead of patting it with towels.

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