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What Is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?


Sometimes, because of hormonal imbalances, female-like breasts are developed in men. This condition of men is known as gynecomastia which is caused by breast tissue swelling in males. Regular exercises expand the body but after some month the swelling reduces. One should be patient enough to see the natural result. But if you want a quick result, then you can go for Male breast reduction in Chicago. CI plastic surgery is a very famous Plastic Surgery hospital located at Chicago, Hoffmann Estates, Oak Brook and Orland Park. The Cosmetic Surgeons in Hoffman Estates working here are considered as the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Hoffman estates for performing Male breast reduction in Hoffman estates. 

Gynecomastia in men is a condition in which men have enlarged breasts like women. This word is derived from Latin and Greek language. Gyneco means woman and Latinised form od greek word mazos means breast. It occurs on both sides of the chest. To reduce that men opt for male breast reduction in oak brook. 

There are basically two types of gynecomastia. The primary one is true gynecomastia, in which the major components are enlarged glandular tissues and the secondary one is Pseudogynecomastia, where the breasts grow because of deposition of fat in the breast area. Our Top Rated Plastic Surgeons in Orland Park are much efficient in performing both types of Male breast reduction in Orland Park.  


There are no particular reasons for growing breasts in a male. But our Board Certified plastic surgeons in Chicago find out certain factors which can give impact to the increase the chance of gynecomastia. Because of obesity also, gynecomastia occurs as they take excessive anabolic steroids and environmental contamination with estrogen. Gradually, the number of people opting for Male breast reduction surgery in Chicago is increasing. Like Breast reduction in Hoffman estates in women, this surgery is also done in case of males. 

Normally, this condition occurs by an increase in the ratio of female hormone (estrogen) to male hormone (testosterone). The female hormone, estrogen makes the breast tissue to grow while the male hormone, testosterone has its inhibitory effects on the breast tissue, stops the breast tissue to grow. 


Based on severity, gynecomastia is divided into 4 types:

• Grade 1 includes small enlargement, but without any excess skin over the chest

• Grade 2 includes moderate enlargement, but without any excess skin over the chest

• Grade 3 includes moderate enlargement with excessive skin over the chest

• Grade 4 includes marked enlargement with excessive skin over the chest

In all types of conditions, you can go for male breast reduction surgery in Hoffman estates. 


What should be the age group of the person?

Any male whose age is more than 18 years and also medically fit, they can opt for Male breast reduction surgery in oak brook.

How should one prepare for the surgery?

• Get a complete medical evaluation done prior to the surgery

• Strictly avoid smoking, taking any anti-inflammatory drugs as well as herbal supplements

• Ask your surgeon about any medication that you are taking

• Surgery time and its complete duration of stay in the clinic.



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