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Anything that is presented in a good manner appeals you much more than something presented in a bad way. Donuts are not at all different from this, donuts packed in pretty custom donut boxes are way more appealing than donuts packed in simple packaging. Nowadays, donut makers are investing as much money in the packaging of donuts as they do in preparing donuts. This is because the packaging is something that the customer looks at first, even before the actual product and this is why packaging plays an important role in building the first image of the product in the mind of the customer. So it is not wrong to say that custom donut boxes are more important to increase sales then donuts themselves.

Shapes of donut boxes

Donut boxes come in a variety of shapes. Apart from the commonly used rectangle and square shapes, hexagonal and pentagonal shaped boxes are also used as donut packaging. These shapes of boxes are usually used when only one donut has to be packed in a single box. Whatever shape you chose, it is essential to make sure that there is enough space to put the donut easily or else the donut will rub with the surrounding walls and top of the box and lose its contents. It is common that donut topping gets damaged when placed in a box that is smaller than required.

Gable boxes are widely used boxes for donut packaging. They have a handle on the top, which makes donuts easy to carry and transport. Window gable boxes are preferred by donut makers because these boxes allow the customer to see the actual product within. This helps the customer as well and clears all doubt related to the product. This way, the chance of sales increases a lot.

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Addition of graphics

Addition of vibrant colors and images makes the object come alive. Similarly, when color and graphics are added to the donut packaging, the custom printed donut boxes become eye-catching and appealing to the customers.

It is suggested to use bright colors for your boxes. This will make them stand out among all the other boxes placed on the same shelf in a shop. Choosing bright colors for this purpose is great. You can also add images of donuts with multicolored toppings to make it clear what the box contains. This colorful image will also help to grab customers attention.

You can change your box graphics from time to time. It is suggested to keep changing patterns and designs from season to season because it emphasizes the idea that a brand is alive and is progressing.


You can print your brand name and your logo in different colors to attract customers. You can also add words like ‘enjoy your treats’, ‘ guilty pleasure’ or ‘sweet love’ on your boxes. This will add a cute and quirky touch to them.

You can use all sorts of fonts, sizes, and writing styles to your donut boxes custom designed. Make sure the font you use is readable and clear. If you want you can get to go donut boxes custom printed. These also serve the purpose of attracting customers very well.

It is also essential to print the expiry and manufacturing dates on your boxes. This helps the customer and saves their health too.


Adding Decorations

If you want to take a further step and add something more to your packaging, then why not adding small decorations. You can add ribbons, bows and flower decorations to your boxes. This really helps in Christmas and New year season as this makes your donut box an ideal gift. It is sweet, tasty, and well decorated at the same time. The customer also does not have to spend money on gift box packaging as the gift is already packed so nicely. These can be single donut boxes custom-designed or a box containing a greater number of donuts. These are surely going to be a best seller in Christmas season.

You can get perfect boxes in cheaper rates when getting wholesale boxes. Many companies give cheaper boxes when order exceeds 100 boxes or more. Offers and discounts also increase in the holiday season. They also offer free shipping and deliver an order in just 4 to 6 business days. This will help to lower your overall costs and help you generate bigger profits.

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