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Paramedical Courses After 10th  For Stable & Well-Paying Medical Career

Growing up we all have a lot of dreams regarding our career, about getting a stable job, about supporting our families and about a secure future. However, individual circumstances differ and it is not possible for everyone to get an opportunity to complete bachelors and masters and then get a job.  Nevertheless, your circumstances need not stop you from achieving your dreams. You can make it big and do what you want right after your 10th with a stable career in the medical field.

Paramedical courses after 10th are your sure shot way to support your financial goals as well as to get a satisfactory career. The healthcare sector is a diverse ecosystem with a vast number of professionals that perform different tasks that add up to the common purpose of offering good healthcare. The industry is always in need of skilled professionals that keep the functions running.

The paramedical profession is hence very promising in terms of a career and job security. You can step into the paramedical field by taking up job-oriented courses that train students on the day to day tasks of their chosen specialization. They also offer career rewards in terms of high pay, job satisfaction etc.

The paramedical courses after 10th are the following:

  • Certificate in General Duty assistant: A general duty assistant is an important role in any hospital or nursing home. They are also called as medical or nursing assistants and perform all the basic chores for taking care of the patients that are admitted to the hospital. The training also includes aspects of working in a home care setup. The course is ideal for empathetic individuals who aim to serve the sick and needy.

Below are some aspects that the course includes

If you opt for this course, you are trained in the following aspects:

  • Human anatomy basics

  • Basics of human physiology

  • Health & hygiene in healthcare setup

  • Everyday hospital operations

  • Special skin care for patients undergoing radiotherapy 

  • Skincare for patients with pressure sores

  • Caring and serving blind patients

  • Daily essential tasks for patients

  • Administering tablets and injections

  • Basic nursing skills

  • Management of biomedical waste 

  • Handling, lifting, and transferring sick patients

  • Preventing falls and sprains

  • First aid and CPR in case of emergency

The syllabus of the course of general duty assistant is designed comprehensively to help develop basic skills required in nursing and everyday healthcare. The job prospects and packages after successfully completing the course are bright. The jobs can be mostly in hospitals or other healthcare setups, old age care centers, common camps for diagnosis and care, community care centers, charity establishments etc.

The growth prospects after the course involve placements at profiles such as managers and supervisors. The further growth of the medical industry will also increase the demand for a skilled workforce of medical assistants. It is also noteworthy that with the technological advancements in the medical industry, life expectancy is also increasing and this also leads to the increase in demand for healthcare professionals. All this is conducive to the increase in jobs for general duty assistants in hospitals.

Below are the basic tasks involved in the job of general duty assistant. If they sound like your idea of a career, you must enroll for a Diploma in General Duty assistant course:

  • Assisting and caring for the patients in everyday chores and movement

  • Observing the patients for critical health changes and recording the vital signs

  • Giving injections and tablets at the right time

  • Administering drips to patients

  • Helping patients with clothes change

  • Feeding the patients

  • Helping patients with physiotherapy exercises

  • Offering assistance with mobility and going to the toilet

  • Helping with hygiene and bath of patients

  • Housekeeping tasks and other extra duties

  • Offering a healthy diet to patients

The role of a general duty assistant involves significant responsibility and requires long hours standing. Attention to detail and discipline are some attributes required to monitor patients effectively. This may also require working in shifts and over the weekends.

  • Certificate in-home health aide

Many people hold the dream of serving the sick and elderly. If you are also one of them, this course may be perfect for you. It is the right way to earn decent pay as well as get the satisfaction of serving the sick and needy. If you want to shoulder financial responsibilities early, this is the perfect opportunity. It, however, comes with huge responsibility as a home health aide is responsible for all daily chores of the patient including dressing, bathing, moving, helping with going to and fro toilet etc. Hygiene is of paramount consideration in your job as a home health aide. Every home health setup that an aide works in has its own chores and challenges. Aides may have to cook, administer medicines wash clothes etc. The workplace is normally the patient’s home. 


Here are some other responsibilities that a home health aide may be required to take up:


  • Keeping a record of all tasks performed

  • Record vital signs

  • Check for sudden changes in the health condition

  • Report sudden changes to a doctor

  • Administer injections and tablets

  • Calling the ambulance in case of emergency

  • Help with physical as well as emotional support

  • Planning fun activities to keep the patient engaged

  • Helping with movement and diaper changes


If you are also planning to take up paramedical courses after 10th, the Smart academy in Vizag is the right paramedical institute for you. The well-designed curriculum and job assistance will help in skill-building as well as securing a job.


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