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Role Of Artificial Intelligence On Digital Marketing Industry

Artificial Intelligence has real-world implications for us these days and it is not something that we will only see in sci-fi movies. From self-driving cars to assisting doctors in hospitals, AI has come a long way. It is not surprising that AI has created a serious dent in the Digital Marketing world as well.


Data is an extremely important part of Digital Marketing and AI is the best bet when it comes to leveraging data to come up with solutions. AI helps with automation and brands are going out of their way to find out ways that they can fit for their operations.  Being a best Digital marketing agency in Dubai, some of the Important points.


Here are some of the ways in which AI is revolutionizing digital marketing:



Role of Artificial Intelligence on Digital marketing

While chatbots have been a thing for quite some time now, its effect has become unparalleled after AI came into the picture. AI-based chatbots help interact with your customers in a way that almost makes them feel as if they are talking to a real person. The efficiency of these AI bots depends not only on the coding, but it also learns over time depending on the previous interactions that it is fed.


Product Recommendations:


AI technology can understand a lot of information based on user preferences, shopping habits, behaviour, etc, and predict the kind of products they will like. It can even help you craft marketing strategies based on its understanding of what customers want. You can increase your eCommerce sales by devising strategies in a faster manner which is even better than what humans can do. AI-based recommendation engines are also extremely powerful. Examples are Netflix’s movie recommendations or Amazon’s product recommendations based on the movies/TV shows you watch or the products you buy.


Content Curation:


AI has the ability to create content on its own. Although there is a lot of debate about its efficacy in understanding the human psyche, there is no doubt that it could write solid reports if it is given appropriate data and records. It also has the ability to curate content which helps your users to access content based on their previous habits.




The way we search online is slowly changing as well. With voice-based searches gaining precedence, it will be only a little more time before it becomes mainstream. With Alexa, Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo being used widely, users are slowly becoming comfortable searching for everything using voice. AI is the only enabler in this technology, without it, voice searches might not be as successful. Even Google’s Machine Learning algorithm called RankBrain was created to get more voice-based search results. It uses the power of AI to give the best results based on the user’s language and text.


Digital Advertising:


This has been one of the most successful areas for AI in digital marketing. Google’s ad platform uses AI to find people who are prone to take the action that the advertiser hopes for. It uses a bunch of data like demographic factors, user’s habits, previous purchases, search history and more to learn about the user. When brands get a lot more of this information using AI, it becomes easy to target people. In fact, Google AdWords has an AI system that lets advertisers pay the lowest possible cost per conversion.


Customer Experience:


A fantastic aspect of digital marketing is its ability to provide great customer service. Driving the right content to the right user and showing ads that are relevant to the customers will help bring in more conversions while allowing you to cater your marketing messages only to the audience that cares.




It is a given that AI will create more changes in the Digital Marketing world. The question is, are you ready for it? Do you have the wherewithal and resources to leverage AI’s benefits fully for your campaigns? AI can help you create kick-ass campaigns at the lowest cost possible and with the highest ROI imaginable. Being the best Digital marketing and Google AdWords agency in Dubai. I hope this Information is really useful.




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