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How To Create Views In MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system which operates with the help of query language. In other words, MySQL is a part of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python.  Nowadays, most of the companies use LAMP because of its lower cost factor. The MySQL view is a security attribute or a virtual table which doesn't exist physically. The view can be created in MySQL by joining one or more relational tables. In this article, Views in MySQL interview questions are briefly written. In MySQL views are used to hide columns and rows of the table from the user by granting them access to view the table. With the use of view, users can create a great level of abstraction to complex databases and can provide security to the databases from unauthorized access.

Purpose of Views

With the help of views, users can control access to the MySQL database. Even with the use of view, DBA (Database Administrator) can enhance the security and integrity of the tables.  We can create SQL views in the database using the following syntax-

CREATE VIEW view_name AS

SELECT column_name(s)

FROM table_name

Where condition (Constraints);

Existence Continuity of the view

A view is created by joining one or more relational tables. If the user wants to update records in a view, it is important for users to update the records in the underlying table that creates a view. Therefore, it is clear that users can update the data in View by providing proper privileges to the underlying table.

How to drop View?

Drop a view means to discard the functioning of the view in the table. In order to drop the view in MySQL following syntax is used

Drop View Name_of _the_view;

View existence even if the table is dropped

The view continues to exist even after one of the tables is dropped from the database. However, if you try to query the view after the table has been dropped, you will receive a message indicating that view has an error.

How to update view?

You can easily modify the functionality and definition of View without dropping it by using the given below syntax-

REPLACE VIEW view_name

AS SELECT columns

FROM table

WHERE predicates;


It has been concluded that with the use of View the security, atomicity, and integrity of the database could be maintained.  This article is describes the best Interview Question regarding how to create View in MYSQL.  In addition to this, the main featural aspect of the view is- it will remain long last even if it is drained out or dropped.

The data in a MySQL database is stored in the form of tables, which consist of many columns and rows.

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