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What Are The Dosages For Gabapentin 800 Mg And Gabapentin 300mg?

Gabapentin which is an anticonvulsant is prescribed by doctors in the case of seizures. The doctor may also prescribe it in the case of hot flashes and certain other medical conditions. This medicine has a direct effect on the central nervous system and hence it needs to be taken with precaution.

The dosages of Gabapentin:

These days one can easily Order Gabapentin Online from a reputed online pharmacy. But the question here is what dosage and what strength one must order. Now understand one thing that this is a prescription medicine. This means that you must take the medicine only when the doctor prescribes the medicine.

Before prescribing the medicine the doctor will take into consideration a number of things. He will check the overall severity of the condition. He will check the medical history of the patient. He will check the physical condition of the patient. The doctor will also take into consideration other factors like age of the patient. After considering all the pros and cons the doctor will prescribe the medicine. Now the doctor will prescribe Gabapentin Online only when he feels that the benefits are more as compared to the drawbacks. Now the dosage will vary from patient to patient. Now the dosage can vary between 1800 mg to 5400 mg in a day. But it will depend on the overall condition of the patient. So, one must take the dosage as prescribed by the doctor.

If the patient feels that the prescribed dosage is not having the desired effect then he must not make any changes to the dosage on his own. He must check with the doctor for the same. Also the patient must not stop the medicine abruptly. He must check with the doctor for the same. If the medicine is stopped abruptly then it will result in withdrawal symptoms. The doctor will tell you how to taper the dosage and stop the medicine gradually.

Have the prescription? Then order Gabapentin 800mg Cash on Delivery!

Once you have the prescription then you can place the order for Gabapentin with a reputed online pharmacy. Here you can make advance payments using your credit card. But due to the increasing problem of online frauds many people are not in favour of revealing the confidential credit card details. In that case you can always choose the Gabapentin 800mg COD option. Here COD stands for cash on delivery. Here you do not have to make any advance payments. The payments have to be made in cash at the time of delivery of the medicine.

Gabapentin is a prescription medicine. You cannot choose the dosage of the medicine on your own. This can prove to be dangerous. Always let the doctor decide about the dosage of the medicine. He will prescribe what is best for the patient. Even if any changes have to be made then too you need to check with the doctor. Self-medication can prove to be harmful for your health.


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