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Top Reasons For Using Tampons During Menstruation

Just like sanitary napkins, tampons are also available in different sizes. The product is manufactured considering the intensity of menstrual flow and the experience of consumers. There are a few girls and women who experience heavier bleeding whereas there are some who experience lighter bleeding. Considering these two conditions, tampons are designed with extra absorbency and light absorbency features. Below are a few unique features which might prompt you to purchase a set of tampons for your next menstrual cycle:


  • Tampons give a lot more confidence to girls when they are outdoors or attending a conference. When it comes to tampons, there are minimal chances of blood coming on to the underwear. There is totally zero contact with the menstrual flow as the tampon is able to soak all of it inside. One does not have to think twice before using the product if they have to go out for swimming or just for a regular Yoga session. Plus, there is no requirement of taking it out while peeing.


  • For the removal of tampons, one does not have to touch the menstrual product. It can be easily removed by taking the help of a tissue. For ones who are using applicator-based tampons, the procedure of wearing and removing is much easier. It comes with a string and the applicator glides in smoothly so that one does not have to put in a lot of effort. This ensures that proper hygiene is maintained as minimal contact with the menstrual blood is made through the hands.


  • Tampons are cylindrical shaped tools which absorb the menstrual flow. Unlike pads, these tampons are going to absorb all the flow which comes out without giving the wearer an uncomfortable feeling. It might happen often that the discharge remains on the sanitary napkin without getting absorbed for a longer time which is not the case with tampons.


  • There are minimal chances of a smell coming up while using tampons. This particular menstrual product has great absorbency powers which make it a perfect fit for suppressing the smell coming from menstrual blood.


  • There are different sizes available when it comes to finally starting using the tampons during menstruation. Beginners should start using tampons of smaller sizes and see how much is the capacity. Girls should notice the duration for which a tampon is able to hold the menstrual flow and then switch to a bigger one if smaller ones are not that long-lasting. A larger size of tampon might cause irritation in the vagina so one should see which size fits the best.


Menstrual tampons give women a lot of flexibility and comfort. The insertion and removal of tampon gets better with practice so one should not feel intimidated by the process. Observing when your tampon is getting utilized and when it is the time to change are some other points girls have to keep in mind. Just like one goes with the wearing and removal of women pads, same has to be done with tampons. In addition to using pads and tampons, using pantyliners during non-period day products helps in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness during the entire month.

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