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Healthcare industry has evolved considerably over the last decade. Several hospitals and doctor private practices have become more systematic by integrating them into systems and apps. In order to make the system more organized, healthcare customer service is outsourced to contact centers that can centralize operations such as billing, scheduling, finance, nurse triage and care co-ordination. For many medical service providers this integration has been difficult because many call centers mostly work by default rather than by design who do not carefully consider what is required and diligent planning to meet those requirements.

However, there are several trends emerging within call centers to perk up customer service for healthcare industry. Some of these are:    

Share service group for call center support

Mainstream call centers of any considerable size are relying on shared services also known as business support group to offer call center-oriented support. The objective of shared services is to support enterprise wide systems used in process optimization and workforce. The group will be accountable for managing call center workforce optimization technologies such as Automatic Call Distribution systems. As a result, healthcare customer service gets more standardized call quality systems and programs.

Nurse triage in call center

There are a number of healthcare contact centers who now offer virtual front-office telemarketing assistance to hospitals and clinics. This number is expected to rise with time. This front-office virtual model works best when the call center is truly capable of fulfilling callers’ requests instead of behaving as an intermediary. For instance, patients may have queries regarding symptoms or disorders they feel require attention. Instead of queuing up a workflow through the Electronic Medical Record or leave a voicemail, the queries can be answered instantly by having nurse triage within the call center.

Appointment Of Chief Access Officer

This is one of the most noteworthy trends. Appointing Chief Access Officer also known as Chief Experience Officer in call centers for managing healthcare customer service is going to be a trend in near future. Officer will be responsible for defining a vision for goals and facilitates clear map to achieve those goals. This will clear out several confusions like who “owns” patient experience, who has authority over how centralized scheduling is being handled, how performances are reported, what resources are required and several other challenges.   

Omni-channel contact center technology

Patients and their families will connect with medical care givers through omni-channel contact center technology. Today, the standards are – one person should have multiple mediums of communication. It is true in case of healthcare customer service as well. The web chat, mobile app, SMS text, phone call and email are all expected channels of communications that a patient might require or choose at the need of the hour.  

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