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Hijab And Abaya Fashion Wearing Tips For A Hijabi Girl.

Hijab is an important part of a Muslim or Arab woman’s fashion. Women are very possessive for their fashion. Hijab is not only a religious style but it is also a cultural style of Muslim and Arab ladies. Hijab and abaya are gaining popularity all over the world due to its unique style. As fashion is changing day by day, but there is no change in the abaya style. Instead of this, different companies and brands also providing a huge verity and designs for abaya and hijab. Stylists are representing different styles of abaya and hijab in the fashion industry.

While you are choosing abaya and hijab for yourself, keep the tips in mind that can help you to buy a batter abaya and hijab for you. Abaya is not a temporary wear, so choose abaya and hijab that is quite fit for you and improves your personality.

Tips for hijab and abaya shopping:

Hijab and abaya shopping is not different from other stuff shopping but if you are following these tips then you can choose a batter hijab and abaya for yourself.

Understood your body shape:

The body shape is an important factor in women’s fashion shopping. There are so many designs and styles in the market. It is possible that you are choosing the hijab that is unique and different is design. But the possibility is that this hijab is not fit for you according to your body shape. This is a waste of time and money. So choose a hijab that is fit for your body shape.

  1. Pear shape
  2. Apple shape
  3. Hourglass shape
  4. Rectangle shape
  • Find which body shape you have. Use a hijab with a tight sleeve if you have a pear shape body.
  • For Apple shaped body, loose-fitting hijab is the best option.
  • Hourglass is a totally different body shape, in this top and bottom are wider so you can choose a hijab and abaya that is loose fit at the bottom and top.
  • The rectangle shape is the only shape on which you can use any type of hijab and abaya.
  • Choose a color that is fit for your personality:

Color has an important role in personality development as well as personality representation. Sometimes you will find the hijab and abayas that are very unique and make your personality more visible in an event but what you will do if you cannot use them in your daily routine or in different types of events and occasions. And find them difficult to accessorize.  So, it is clear that it is also a waste of money and time. You can choose a dark color like black, navy blue and marine blue etc. They all are easy to accessorize. Choose a color that can be used in any type of occasion and event.

Choose the right fabric:

As abays and hijab is our daily life usage. We wear hijab all day and every day. So, choose the right fabric stuff. Choose the fabric that can help you can choose in any type of situation and event. The market is full of different types of fabrics according to the season. There are abayas are available that you can use in all seasons. Choose according to your requirements.

Make it comfortable:

Choose a hijab and abaya that is comfortable for you. Hijab and abaya must look like modest as well as stylish. Main purpose of the hijab and abaya is covering the body. Either your abaya is a tight fit or loose fit, it will create a bad impact on your styling. By choosing a modest abaya you will reduce the more apparel necessity. Hijab and abaya should be comfortable for you in all types of events.

Accessorize according to the need:

Accessorize is the necessary part, but make sure you do not over-accessorize your abaya. It depends on your abaya choosing a skill. You can use accessorize according to your needs and event requirements. If you have an abaya that is already accessorized than you should avoid to over-accessorize it. Make it simple that will help you with all types of occasions.


These tips are the basic factors that will help you to choose a batter hijab and abaya for your self and in your batter shopping experience. Choose abaya and hijab that is fit for you and your personality, do not choose only for trends, but chosen according to your requirement and need. online abaya and hijab shopping in Pakistan is very easy these days.

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