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Seo Executive Course

Search engine optimization (seo) executive course is India’s first 6-in-1 course which allows you to become a qualified and an experienced Digital Marketer. This course provides you all information regarding the working and uses of Search Engine Optimization. Also, it enables you to work on different areas of SEO, which are :

  1. Advanced WordPresss Website Creation: wordpress is the only content management system which helps in creating websites for all the categories, which is why it is so much in demand. Its probably the most easiest and the most powerful CMS.
  2. Inbound Marketing: A website ranks only when its content is read by the people. The making of such a relevant and useful content is called Inbound Marketing.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: It is a process of gathering the traffic on your website by ranking the keyword in google search engine research page.
  4. Social Media Optimization: Promotion has always played a major role in the field of Digital Marketing The more the product gets promoted, more are its chances to get famous. Similarly, SMO is a method of promoting a brand or product by using the most visited platforms of internet – the Social Media.
  5. Google Analytics: One needs to be aware of how well his product is doing. Google Analytics is a tool which enables you to keep a check on the traffic, visiting your website. This also gives you a reality check in order to improve yourwebsite conten t and information.
  6. Interview Preparation: Nervous during interviews? Don’t you what to prepare? If this is the case with you, then don’t think too much and join this course because we also provide interview trainings which enables you to perform well at your job interviews.


As mentioned already, Search Engine Optimization is a process of ranking a website on the google search engine result page by following the Google algorithm. The content of the website is what makes all the difference. The more accurate and of  relevant the content, more will be the chances of a web page to be ranked.

Search Engine Optimization is in high demand since it is a onetime process and absolutely free of cost! The knowledge of SEO is a must for someone who is trying to  build their career in the field of Digital Marketing. Also, fir a digital marketer it is the first step towards marketing. SEO is useful in following ways :

  1. Awareness- people will show interest in your product only when they know about it. This means that awareness of a brand is necessary. This can be done by SEO on various platforms.
  2. accurate and useful content.
  3. Consideration- Based on the information and content, the user decides whether the product or not.
  4. Reach- SEO has a limitless and large reach. It can be accessed from any part of the world.
  5. Leads-  The number of people who show interest in our brand/product by visiting our website are called leads. This can be done by using Search Engine Optimization.



  1.   Introduction to SEO- This modules briefs you regarding the SEO impacts on business and its terms and conditions.
  • The Business Impact Of SEO – In the present day situation, your business can’t survive if its not found through Search Engines. In order to to learn Search Engine Optimization, one needs to be aware of its impacts.
  • SEO Terms and Conditions – This module consists of all the terminologies and definitions related to Search Engine Optimization. 
    1. How Search Engine Works –
    • Anatomy of Search Engine –

    This module covers the working and functioning of a search engine. It will enable you to work on website using search engine optimization.

    • Analysing search engine results-

    How do you know whether your business is doing well or not?
    Learn how to track the traffic visiting your website by using relatable tools.

    • The search engine index-

    Search engine indexing is a process in which all the data and parses gets saved. This helps a website to rank in google search engine result page SERP.

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