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Paper and pen are usually enough when recording measurements. However, when handling voluminous data, recording manually is not only inefficient but is also risky in terms of correctness and accuracy. 

To respond to this problem, Nedo, one of the world-leading manufacturers of engineering and surveying instruments, designed memory modules compatible with the Nedo mEsstronic electronic measuring tools. The modules come in two models, such as the 585115 memory module that connects to computers via a port and the 585528 memory module that can connect via a port and Bluetooth.

About the Nedo mEsstronic

The mEsstronic series by Nedo Surveying consists of electronic measuring devices suitable for skilled trades. These devices come in different lengths to suit different applications. Plus, they have extendable sections so that users only have to pull our their lengthy device when necessary. This makes for better portability and easy storage. 

Nedo mEsstronic instruments feature battery-powered digital technology that can work for up to 50 hours (continuous use) when fully charged. They also have a Zero function that allows for setting reference points and a Hold function that’s convenient when measuring awkward surfaces. 

About the Nedo Memory Modules

These modules are easy to use. Simply insert them into the designated slot on the mEsstronic device, start getting measurements, and hit save. Once all necessary measurements are in, the modules are ready to be connected to a laptop, computer, or any other device that can read memory modules. A single module can usually store up to 250 or 500 measured values, depending on which module model and mEsstronic instrument are used.

Some modules come with an LED display that lights up to a blue color during use. It helps users know that the module is active and saving data. What’s more, if you’re using a Bluetooth module, you’d be glad to know that they can transfer data within a 10-meter distance from a computer device. As such, users wouldn't have to worry about accidentally cutting off the Bluetooth connection when they have to move their laptop or module-compatible device during data transfer. 

Bluetooth modules connect with the mEsstronic instrument’s battery to function. Thus, users wouldn’t need to charge them or connect them to an external power source.

In essence, memory modules are like external memory drives that store mEsstronic measurements exclusively. Some models even come with Nedo Connect software for even better convenience. Below are some specific features of Nedo memory modules:

Memory Module 585115

  • Can store up to 511 values when used with mEsstronic

  • Can store up to 250 values when used with mEsstronic 0.1

  • Connects via port


Memory Module 585228

  • Connects to both mEsstronic and mEsstronic 0.1

  • Produces a blue LED display during operation

  • Has a 10-meter working range

  • Connects via port and Bluetooth

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