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Top Your Business Diploma Qualification with an Internationally Valid BBA Qualification

Are you looking to top up your business studies diploma with a BBA degree in Trinidad? Depending on your diploma qualification, you may be eligible for direct entry into the final year of a formal BA (Hons.) programme for Business Administration and earn your degree in a year or two.

Growing Importance of Business Administration Skills

There is an increasing demand for professionals with BBA degree in Trinidad and Tobago. Almost every business organization requires professionals with business administration skills. A BBA degree from a reputed university sets you apart from other job seekers, increases chances of employment, increases chances of attracting higher salaries and is an added qualification when seeking higher level job positions. A BBA degree from an internationally reputed university has even more value.

Internationally Reputed Qualification in Trinidad

Leading universities such as the UK’s University of Hertfordshire offer formal degree programmes through overseas academic partners. It’s possible to earn a BA Business Administration qualification from the University of Hertfordshire right here in Trinidad and Tobago through one of their academic partners. You would be saving on travel and academic costs while availing world-class education from an acclaimed international university. The University of Hertfordshire is a business-facing entrepreneurial institute considered to be providing excellent teaching and learning standards in the global higher education environment.

Check Eligibility Criteria

The 1 or 2 year BBA is possible if you have accepted pre-degree qualifications. For example, if you’ve completed the ABE Level 5 (RQF), ABE Level 6, ABE Advanced Diploma in fields such as Business Administration, Business Management, HRM or Finance among others, you qualify for direct entry into the final year of University of Hertfordshire’s BA (Hons.) Business Administration programme. There are other eligibility criteria, so make sure you check the exact details to evaluate your suitability. This programme is offered via the blended learning model - that is, via online learning and in-class tutoring provided by knowledgeable subject matter experts. The standards of education and evaluation are the same for overseas students as well as students who attend the University.

Comes With Flexible Learning Solutions

A great thing about the BA (Hons.) Business Administration program offered by the University of Hertfordshire is the great deal of flexibility it comes with. Apart from 1 or 2 year BBA course completion option, student also have the opportunity to start the course in any one of three semesters that are conducted throughout the year. There are no formal exams and assessments are mostly done through assignments. Classes are held at convenient times, so even working people can attend them easily. The e-learning platform is another useful tool where reading notes, course outlines and learning schedules are posted.

Get the theoretical business knowledge and practical skills required in the modern world – enquire about the BA (Hons.) Business Administration programme offered by the University of Hertfordshire through a reputed partner institution in Trinidad and Tobago!

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