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The Power Of Hemp - Using Hemp Protein To Help Rebuild Muscle After A

<h1>Hemp Protein Powder Health Benefits</h1>
<p>Protein powders are gaining popularity among athletes and bodybuilders. They help in building muscle mass and healing tissues, which could have been damaged during exercise. Hemp protein powder is a popular protein powder, extracted from ground hemp seeds. After consulting medical experts and food nutritionists, we were able to establish why hemp powder is preferred over other protein powders. Without further ado, let us look at the benefits of hemp protein.</p>
<h2>Benefits of hemp powder</h2>
<h3>It is a complete protein</h3>
<p>Hemp powder contains the nine essential amino acids which form a complete protein. Hemp powder is a good choice for vegans since it contains the same amino acids. According to research, a 30g of pure hemp powder contains up to 15g proteins and 120g of calories. More research is underway to find out if the amino acids occur in the recommended ration.&nbsp;</p>
<h3>A rich source of fiber</h3>
<p>Fiber is crucial after a full day of workout. Fiber helps athletes to build and repair tissues that are damaged during exercise. It also reduces overeating by inducing a full effect after eating a small serving. This helps a person. Research shows that a serving of hemp powder contains 8gwhich is more than other plant-based protein powders. Infusing two tablespoons of the powder in every meal is crucial in increasing the muscle mass.</p>
<h3>Important for the heart health</h3>
<p>Hemp powder contains plenty of fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), which improve heart health. A single serving of the protein powder contains the omega-6 and omega-3 in the ratio of 3:1. Ordinary foods contain a ratio of 15:1, which might lead to heart diseases and cancer. The hemp protein powder contains heart-healthy unsaturated fats with a high-calorie ratio, which is very crucial to athletes and bodybuilders.</p>
<h3>A rich source of minerals and antioxidants</h3>
<p>Hemp powder contains several minerals and antioxidants such as iron, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. Most of the hemp powder brands contain 52% iron and 80% for magnesium as the recommended daily intake (RDI) in a single serving.</p>
<p>The hemp powder also contains lignanamides compounds which possess strong antioxidant properties. Removal of harmful substances after exercise protects a person from diabetes and heart diseases.</p>
<h3>Easily digestible proteins</h3>
<p>Research shows that animal protein is easily digestible than plant proteins. However, 91-98% of the hemp powder proteins are digestible. The easily digestible proteins in hemp are edestin and albumin. Heat processing reduces the breakdown of amino acids. Therefore, if you are looking for high-quality hemp powder; go for the one made from cold processed hemp seeds. Vegans can infuse the powder in their diet for important functions such as repair of body tissues after exercise.</p>
<p>There are more benefits of hemp protein powder. However, the article has tackled on crucial ones that the powder offers to people post-exercise. The hemp powder contains all the nine amino acids, unlike other plant proteins that contain incomplete amino acids. If you are looking for easily digestible proteins, this is the right source for you.</p>

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