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Top 10 Weirdest Jobs That Will Shock You

Mostly the job professionals do not happy with their jobs. Some people have a problem with the workload, a low salary, environment, etc. But there are some unusual jobs in the world, people will do it happily with a satisfying mind.  You will read in the following the top 10 weirdest jobs in the world. So let's start it.


10. Bed Warmers:

Weirdest Jobs


It is a really amazing and weird job. It will be not wronged if we call it the easiest job in the world. In this job, people get their salary for lying or sleeping on the bed. Many hotels in the world make their bed warm for their customers (guests) by hiring bed warmers. The duty of the bed warmer is only to sleep on the bed for a few hours before the guest arrives so that when guests come they find it warm. It is actually the service of the hotel if the guest wants this service they have to pay for this service. Bed warmer wears special suites. The idea introduced by the famous hotel chain Holiday-Inn first time in the United Kingdom.


9. Professional Mourners:

Weird Jobs in the world


Believing it is hard. It is happening in some countries that

people hire professional mourners for their beloved one's funeral. This culture followed by Africa, China, Europe and in Middleeast. It is not a new culture, the New York Times wrote an article about this first time in 1877. People want to make the funeral more painful and sad so they hire professional mourners. The professional mourners just have to make the environment sad by crying and mourning. They get a handsome amount for this.


8. Professional Cuddling:

weird jobs in the world


Do you know a person takes money to hug someone? It is happening, even it has now become an industry. Many documentaries made on it too. There are companies in America, Europe, and Japan who hires professional cuddlers. These cuddlers have rights and they did a diploma on cuddling.

Lonely people call these companies. The company sends cuddlers to their home. Cuddlers just have to hug and cuddle his/her client. They charge per hour.


7. Island Caretaker:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs


Many islands in the world own by millionaires. They buy it from the government and then nobody can go on that island without permission of its honor because it becomes to their personal property. But the problem is for the millionaire who will care their islands? For this, the landlord of the island hires a caretaker who just needs to live on the island. In the past, the island in Australia named "great barrier reef" required a caretaker who offered 1.5 lacs Austrian dollar for the six months other than accommodation and meals. Do you want to do this job? Please tell us in the comment section.


6. Professional Line Sitters:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs That Will Shock You


In this job you just need to stand in the line for someone who hires you. You will get a good amount of money for this job. This concept started in America and now it reached Japan. Buying new launched iPhone first time, buy a movie ticket or any sports match ticket if you don't like to stand in a line then you can hire a professional line sitter he will stand in line for you. In America, line sitter charges 25 dollars for one hour which is a good amount and people earning thousands from this job.


5. Fake Wedding Guests:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs


This weird job is available in Japan. Usually, people have many relatives, friends who need to be invited to their wedding but in Japan, some people have no many relatives or friends so they hire fake wedding guests who pretend to be their friends and relative also complimenting and praising groom or bride. They charge for singing and dancing as well. If you want a speech for the groom or bride then they will charge extra for it. There is a company in Japan named "Office Agents" who does thriving trade in fake relatives and friends.


4. Furniture Tester:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs


When the big furniture manufactures companies made furniture like a bed or sofa; they have a major concern about comfortable whether is comfortable or not. For this, they hire furniture tester who does the duty to check about furniture comfortable by sitting or lying on the furniture. Many people doing it as a part-time job and earning a lot of this.


3. Fake Executive:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs


It is also an amazing job. Some small American companies want to expand their business in Asia specially in China. They don't have much money to send their executive again and again in Asia, but they fond a solution to this. These companies find the best person in that country and make it top executive, introduce him to local companies. This fake executive just needs to attend different functions so that it can give a good impression. These fake executive earning so much.


2. Train Pushers:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs


Japanese railways system is famous in the world for its speed and time. There are many people travel in Japans city Tokyo using the subway network. Due to massive passengers, they do try to full the train with many people as they can. For this, the Japanese government hired the pushers (in local language they call it Oshia). Pusher wears the white glove and they just need to push the passengers into the train so that the train door close correctly. As the train comes, they are already ready to push the passengers so that the train can go on time. 


1. Professional T-Shirt Wearer:

Top 10 Weirdest Jobs


If you get a job that you just need to wear a t-shirt and do a message on social media and you earn a lot of this what would you do? (you can tell us in the comment section.). This job is available on a website "iwearyourshirt" made by a person named Jason Sadler. He approaches different companies and gets their t-shirt for promoting it on social media. He gets a high amount of money for this job.

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