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The Improving Trends In Hospitality

There are many aspects to which a hotel should look out for, when it has to be the best hotel in town. Hospitality, customer services, catering and on time delivery are some aspects to be considered. In the coming year, with the introduction of technology in the hospitality industry, there will be an improvement in customer experience through convenience and wellness schemes.  Direct bookings, kiosk for members and ancillary revenue streams are making their way to the hotel industry.

The maximum contribution to the hospitality industry is done by millionaires. Millionaires have become the fastest growing customer segment within the hospitality industry in recent times. A combination work, play and eat/drink spaces designed with this millennial customer in mind, is how the lobby bars and hotel restaurants are designed for a person who is a “party of one” but “hanging out together.” Millionaires also have no problem speaking up. If they have any complaints regarding the services of any hotels, they will turn to Twitter, Face book, Yelp or Trip Advisor to voice their complaints. 

International leisure travel has increased markedly due to the visa waiver program introduced in 2012 and this is moving more international tourists to travel to the United States. Any hotel can expect new visitors, with the new 10-year visa agreement between the United States and China signed, one can expect an increased in number of customers daily in every hotel Nairobi has, especially in the holiday seasons.

Booking more profitable business is critical as more revenues result from strong increases in occupancy levels, average rates and revenue per available room. This may suggest more profits, but the growth in distribution costs as well as other operating costs such as health care and minimum wage increases can stunt profit growth.

Other factors which are bringing in customers to top hotels include innovative technology, mobile check-in, and seamless connectivity across platforms and devices are bringing hotels great deals in business, and which represent the current trend in technology. Today, mobile apps are being used as everything from a digital concierge to accessing big data. Geo-location can make it easy to sell guests something that is right in front of them. This makes easier for a customer to find the best hotels in Nairobi.

Social Media is making an enormous impact on reaching the top hotels to the customers. In addition, Face book pages of hotels need to take advantage of custom apps that can highlight a hotel’s unique features, characteristics, and charm. Video campaigns on social media, when done properly, are proving to be successful for hoteliers looking to generate guest engagement and attract more consumers in hotels in nairobi.

The growth of mobile is a game changer in every aspect, when it comes to booking from an app, or searching for the site online. And everyone has a phone that doubles as a camera for instant social media photo moments. The booking of a room at an ease has become possible because of mobile apps today. The final report shows us the source of booking to where the bookings are from.

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