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Measure Seal Integrity Of Plastic Vibrant Beverage Containers

PET bottles are used to pack various consumable and non-consumable products and are used on a large scale to maintain the level of hygiene and freshness of products that are packed inside. The major property of these bottles is its leak integrity which is responsible for maintaining the quality of the products. Therefore, it is a must for the manufacturers to ensure the leakage property of the bottles to ensure the quality and to deliver the best product to the customers.

How Leakage Property of PET bottles can be detected?

Secure Seal Tester is the name. The instrument is majorly used to measure the seal integrity of glass and vibrant plastic beverage containers. The testing instrument is designed to report the special properties of sealed beverage containers that use plastic caps, aluminum roll-on, twist crowns, etc.  The device is widely used to detect the gas leakage properties of bottles instead of determining the leakage of liquid. The apparatus offers sensitive and highly accurate readings.

Why is Secure Seal Tester highly recommended?

The Secure Seal Tester is used in bottle manufacturing plants and beverage bottling plants to ensure that the seal placed along with the caps of the bottle is intact and is able to bear its pressure for the proper amount of time. The PET bottles are used for packaging of different products, and most of them are in liquid form that can be easily spilled out or leak from the packaging. In order to prevent that, it is essential to ensure that the seal on the PET bottles is perfectly intact so that it could hold the pressure applied to it due to the products packed inside during storage and transportation.

Best Ever Solution for Leakage Detection in PET Bottles

The Secure seal tester offered by Presto is the best way to ensure that whether the seal on a PET bottle is intact or not. The instrument tests the integrity of the bottles underwater for better analysis of the test specimen. The device is designed to produce high positive pressure on the test specimen to test it under extreme testing conditions. The instrument is provided with an analogue pressure regulator and digital pressure readout. In addition to this, the instrument is also provided with a digital preset timer.

How Presto’s Secure Seal Tester is Different from others?

There are numerous Secure Seal Testers that are available in the market to measure the leakage property of the bottle lids and caps. But certain things make Presto’s Secure Seal tester different from others. Few of them are mentioned here:

  • The instrument is designed strictly  as per standards test methods -
  • High capacity of creating pressure up to 175 psi.
  • Pre-settable digital timer for selecting the test cycle time for testing.
  • Easy Pressure releases mechanism for easy release of the pressure.
  • Stainless steel body with corrosion resistance.
  • Pressure control valve for easy controlling of applied pressure.
  • Digital pressure for easy monitoring of pressure applied.

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