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Tips To Enhance The Look Of Your Home With Mark Meersman

Hiring a professional interior designer has become the latest trend in the market. Everyone wishes to bring a classy yet a contemporary look to their homes. In fact, once in a while people do get bored with their existing décor and therefore hire a professional who can assist them brighten up their rooms and bring in a lively feel to them.

But there are times when professional interior designers do not offer simple tricks or tips that can help their customers design their rooms easily. This mostly happens because they want to cash their services in the market. But this isn’t the case with Mark Meersman. He has been a part of the interior designing industry for than a decade.

His customer base appreciates him for his efforts to help them learn ways that can assist them to change the look of each and every room at their homes easily. His guidance has not only benefited the residential holders but also the corporate world. Plus, he understands that due to high designing costs in the market, some people feel wary about hiring a professional in the first place.

Understanding this dilemma, he ensures to offer them some tricks that can boost a confidence amongst his customers towards hiring an interior designer. Some of his tricks and tips are given below.

  • Pilling pillows on the couch can give your living room a complete look. A single pair can offer a skimpy look to the couch. But using two pairs that contrast each other in color and texture can give lively look to the entire room.
  • A bigger bed can make your room look bigger. Some people find it hard to digest but it is true. Placing a bigger bed in a small room can make your bedroom look bigger in size. Your room will grow with a high bed and tall headboard.
  • Another way to make your rooms look bigger is by painting your rooms in dark colors. They can help your small room look and feel bigger.
  • Using an actual rug in the bathroom can give your bathroom a spacious look. In fact, a rug can easily with stand more water than occasional wet feet.
  • It is not necessary for you to place a sofa in the living room. Yes, sofas offer a classy look to the entire home but there is no rule to actually place one in your home. You can have wooden chairs with good back rest placed in your living room and still it will feel bigger in size.
  • Think about layering your lighting. Rather than placing two light lamps, you can place four. These lights can be divided into ambient and direct light.

These simple and easy to follow tips won’t add more to your expenditures. Plus, to imply these at your home, you don’t need an extra hand helping you out. And, this is what Mark Meersman mainly focuses on. He focuses on offering simple yet impactful tips that help his customer base design their homes efficiently and have a positive outlook towards interior designers.

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