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PowerLead Puto PLD005 720P 20MP Digital Video Camcorder Camera

It's not bad for a "standard" definition Digital Video Camcorder Camera; lack of optical zoom is disappointing though,


First off I note a strange price difference between the two colour options, which is a little unusual as they appear to be the same in terms of specification. Included in the box with this model is a proprietary charging/data lead with a USB end, cd with software driver/manual, printed manual, AV cables to output to a TV with RCA inputs, soft case with belt strap and a hand strap which was pre-attached to the Digital Video Camcorder Camera. Power is via the supplied rechargeable lithium battery or if it's removed 4 x AAA cells. Charging takes about 3 hours, and I used the camera for about 90 minutes without draining the battery it seems quite good in this area.

The Digital Video Camcorder Camera is small and compact in the style of most models, a rotating pull out LCD is fairly clear and can be flipped down or turned around. Controls are dotted around in logical locations with some buttons doubling up for the menus such as the jog dial (which can also be pressed in) the green cycles through the playback, video and stills mode with red for recording start and menu settings. Other controls are on the top for the digital zoom, a photo button, with display and menu modes inside the left panel where the SD card sits.

I don't have any issues with the layout of the Digital Video Camcorder Camera in this regard is works quite well. Glossy smooth finish on the case which is a bit slippery, the battery is fiddly to remove (a tighter fit) though most won't even try the AAA power option the door can have a habit of opening when you grip the camera and hold it with the hand strap. It really needs a locking mechanism to prevent it sliding out accidentally. I got used to it but you need to watch you don't open it lighten up the grip a bit if needed.

Despite the description saying this is a 720p Digital Video Camcorder Camera, this is a standard definition model (I told the maker the title was misleading hopefully they will rectify this) I also noted the corner of the battery door was missing a tab to help hold it closed.

The zoom action is digital and it drops off the quality significantly at the higher settings, this is more of a problem for longer distance shots where the footage loses detail the more you zoom in, for closer shots it's less obvious. I would avoid going beyond the half way mark for longer shots. Still image quality wasn't bad though the headline 16 megapixels is interpolated and really there is no point going above the 3 megapixel settings. All the usual options are included such as tweaking the images, contrast, saturation, white balance. Image stabilisation is digital not optical or sensor shift it helps but it's not as effective as the other methods.

Macro is available with a switch on the right hand side of the lens barrel and was a bit close than the spec says, I got a distance of around 7-8cm so it's possible to get some reasonable close up shots with the camera be it stills or video. A tripod screw thread is on the underside which is worth using for macro or for fixed shots.

Moving to the footage and sound this model is mono with an optional wind cut, this helped outside though didn't eliminate wind pick up. The footage was actually pretty good indoors and outside, even in lower light (without using the built in front LED lights) it picked up details in an arcade I tested it in without issue. Outside the metering was most of the time on target, but was thrown off a bit with a few heavy backlighting's usually fine (as is the colour balance) but you can adjust the exposure if required.

For me most of the appeal of a camcorder could be the big zoom range  as smartphones are so prevalent nowadays people can easily capture footage (and HD on even moderate priced handsets), this is one area phones are weaker most are fixed lenses and can't zoom. One major advantage of a Digital Video Camcorder Camera is to a point lost with the lack of real optical zoom. I was fairly happy with the footage though 720p might have been the place to go, a good standard definition camera can be fine too. Sound was merely adequate I would have liked stereo recording.

If I am honest I feel this Digital Video Camcorder Camera model needs some work to really justify a closer look the basis for a decent camcorder is here. If the maker improved the battery compartment, used a standard micro USB connection (if you lose the cable good luck finding another one) and put an optical zoom in this it might be worth a look. The digital zooming isn't that smooth and jumps in stages, not really ideal for a camcorder. That said despite the flaws the footage is quite good; if you can work around the weaker points it's possibly of interest for a budget model or if the kids want to experiment a bit.

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