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Why  Video Marketing Is Important For Your Business

According to a leading company, by 2017, 67% of all consumer Internet traffic will be from video. Don't believe this? A quick Google search on the rise of video in our daily lives would prove this point beyond any doubt.

In case you are not making use of Video for your business advertising, you might be missing great opportunities.

The big question is "with the rise of video on the Internet, in a year or two, do you still read this text or will you like to watch it?"

We all know the common saying, "A photo may be worth a thousand words".

However, what isn't common is, "A one minute video is worth 1.8 million words" - this is so as every single seconds of video has twenty-five individual images". Phew, That is lots of words.

What exactly does all of this mean? Well, if video is the main manner people rely for their entertainment requirements now, it is soon going to become the principal way they get their information and facts as well. Meaning that businesses that do not include this in their marketing and advertising strategy will have a marketing strategy that is out-dated.

There is certainly one more huge benefit of having video on your internet site. Google and other search engines love it as well as favour it in their search result over written content. This will make it awesome for site ranking. So when somebody searches for a product or service which you offer, you can be on the very first page of the search result.

So now you might be probably wondering, "But isn't it very expensive to produce a video? Only the big boys with big bank accounts can do it. Just how is all of this statistics and information going to benefit me and my business?"

This is a real issue a couple of years back.

But not today.

Right now there is a number of "Do It Yourself" software available to enable you to create your own animation videos. With minimal effort, anybody can create awesome whiteboard or cartoon animation videos.

For anyone who is not ready to do it yourself, then there are also many companies today offer you video creation at an inexpensive price. Generally speaking, it really is cheaper compared to designing your product or service brochure. The advantage of an explainer video as compared to your brochure is that a prospect or customer can easily see and understand the benefits and capabilities of your product without actually coming near the product. And unlike printed brochures, you can use your video for any number of times

To summarize this, there is no doubt, worldwide, the use of videos for business marketing and advertising is growing at mind blowing rate. Therefore don't left behind.

Author Bio

I am Suresh Pavakkulath. After working 26 years in Dubai I started an advertising company with a focus on Online Marketing Videos. You can visit my site here In my free time, I read and update myself on the new trends of Internet.

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