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How To Choose Egypt Trip For Your Next Vacation

Egypt is one of those countries that are fulfilled with history. It has inspired millions of movies, legends, myths, and stories from around the world and its culture have also been influential in various aspects of life in modern world. During a visit to Egypt, one can easily catch the glimpse of historical civilization that has been created on the basis of modern society.

Several images start to spring in mind when it comes to thinking of Egypt and it is not surprising to note that the country is a lot more than just Pyramids and the Nile. While the pyramids are alone worth a trip, it is suggested to plan your Egypt Trip so that you can venture beyond the crowded spots and tourist buses and see what lies beneath the surface. Most of the trips in Egypt start from Cairo and then head over to south alongside the river Nile. Many people also choose to experience the river trip at leisurely places, relaxing on a cruise that stops frequently for the visitor to let them enjoy unique Egypt tour and see the ruin of temples and building doting the banks of this river. After that, some people heads towards Sinai peninsula region to have a dip in the Red Sea and enjoy the best diving experience in the world. Climb Mount Sinai for sunrise and take a camel ride into the desert to experience the Bedouin culture.

Egypt is as much diverse as it is described and you can go to see pyramids and find much more than you have imagined. Travel budgets in this country can vary from person to price. It is very rare that you will find two different tourists paying the same price for one purchase. Ultimately, the cost of travel depends on your bartering and researching skills as well. Out of all the countries, you have ever visited, Egypt will testify your skills to their zenith. Everything is negotiable here and it might become draining or dispiriting for many travelers but negotiating with a smile matters. You need to pay just like everyone else but make it easy and fun.

At A Glance

Egypt is a complete tourist country and you should make a point to get off the beaten path a little bit. Head to neighborhood and towns that are not visited by other tourists and you are bound to get a unique Egypt tour experience that others might be missing out on. Cairo has some adjacent towns that are fun to explore but you will need a guide to do it. Make sure that you have days to wander through the city to enjoy.

Tours are non-essential but they are informative. Since history forms a major draw in this country, it helps people to have a good guide who can offer as much information as they want in their interest. Guides can also help you to avoid the aggressive touts and getting thugged at major sites.


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Janny Morag is a Travel Guider & a former writer. I love to travel & especially I love to visit Egypt.

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