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Do Free Website Templates Favour Optimization?

When it comes to searching for free website design templates, there's a lot of choice for everyone on the web. However, not all templates will cater to the needs of businesses that lay utmost importance on SEO. What's worse is that some paid templates give the search engines a very hard time to comprehend the structures of your websites, fashioned by these templates. Even so, you can obtain quite a lot of visually engaging website design templates that are as good as the fundamental paid web services. All you need is a basic understanding of hosting and editing, and you can create your own website with SEO-friendly attributes.

This invariably brings us to our next concern? Which free website builders can provide us with the finest templates? It is not very difficult to approve a particular service provider amongst many that are equally good, you can search for free templates at places Open Source Web Design and similar other websites that appear in the search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But be careful as many of those listed websites carry their own terms and conditions or may even have the non-essential features removed. This is done to catch your fancy to a superior and professional-looking design template. Of course, if you take a fancy to paid design templates, you can try the no-frills option since it'll be saving you money.

AJK Technologies lets you take a peek into the several features that you may want to look for when deciding on a free template: 
•    Ability to crawl        

It is important that the search engines are able to read the website on the design template. It depends on the template how easy or hard they are to be read and classified. A few design templates sport Flash and thus make it daunting for the search engine to read and categorize. So if you prefer free website templates, we will suggest that you go for a template that executes in HTML format.

•    Configuration & array            

Again, search engines must find it easy to understand the pecking order that your free template has created or is your template giving an unequal weight to each page and the HTML-style navigation must be unambiguous.

•    Customized modifications        

There are certain things that you must be able to do with your free templates. Say, you should be able to add supplementary pages within a group structure, link pages in the navigation, create a template for particular purposes, insert components for advertisements, diagnostics, and other characteristics without shifting the blueprint or bringing about oversights on page.

•    Minimum page count          

 A website normally demands having About Us, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages because it outlines terms and conditions for things to follow. Your privacy policy helps your customers understand why you're collecting information about them and how and where you will be managing and disclosing it. You also require this policy for clicks from advertisement networks such as AdSense.

•    Competence          

 You can save yourself from superfluous coding if you possess a competent set of selector and declaration block. You want your template to be free of extra coding, and bandwidth blowing visuals in case of heavy traffic. Likewise, though not characteristic of free templates, you will love to keep Javascript trimmings to as few as possible.

•    Free of suspicious code          

 A few web design templates that we have come across carry embedded links, without giving you any command over outbound links coming from the website. Of course when hosting the site yourself, you would want to keep a keen lookout for tricky codes on the template, because if that happens, you're susceptible to online attacks like phishing, identity theft, etc.

As is commonly observed, free templates are useful. They shrink the gap between domain acquisition and the actual website that is still in the developmental phases. Search engines will start gauging your website as soon as it's a part of the web, so be sure to add content to it that will attract visitors. If you can manage to have the destination URLs similar to the template pages, feel free to point external links. It has often been observed that the website that starts out from a free web template often turns into a permanent website. This is especially true if you have a heart to disregard how the website looks like. And that's an ideal proposition for small businesses in terms of cost as well as maintenance.

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