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Did Donald Trump Have a Face Lift?

Everybody is talking about Donald Trump these days. His supporters love him, passionately and loudly. His detractors throw mud at him by the truckload, desperately hoping that something will stick. 

Nice guys like Mark Rubio seem to have reset to “spoiled brat” and attack Trump for things like “small hands” and “not sweating properly.” Trump’s has even managed to infuriate old friends in his own party, such as Mitt Romney who have come out of hiding just to take him down. It’s more than strange to see a leading Republican attack the favored Republican nominee for President. Some people have described the situation as a “circular firing squad” for which Ted Cruz seems to be benefiting.  

Yet despite all this, the primary elections indicate that Donald Trump is breaking all records for voter turnout by bringing out 30% more voters in primary states than ever before and the most recent CNN poll puts Trump’s support at 49% nationally. So now maybe it is time to address what might be the next big question about the controversial Republican primary frontrunner: Did Donald Trump have a facelift?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a face lift expert, but luckily I know someone who is! Dr. David Morrow is internationally acknowledged as one of the world’s top facelift surgeons.  Dr. Morrow, the founder and medical director of the renowned Morrow Institute in Rancho Mirage, California is a master of the natural looking facelift who has helped thousands of men and woman from around to the world “turn back the clock.” What’s more, Dr. Morrow has a stellar reputation for repairing botched facelifts performed by other plastic and cosmetic surgeons. 

I asked Dr. Morrow to study photos and watch videos of Donald Trump to answer the question: Did Donald Trump --- one of the world’s wealthiest and most famous men --- have a facelift? Here is what Dr. Morrow said: 

“Surprisingly, Donald Trump does not appear to have ever had a facelift or have undergone any type of facial rejuvenation procedure such as Botox® or facial fillers. This is surprising, because in my experience, many men of Mr. Trump’s age and position undergo at least small procedures to maintain a more youthful appearance. 

Of course, Mr. Trump is Mr. Trump; he is own man and does things his own way. But in my opinion, Mr. Trump, a man with a very large face and neck that shows considerable age, could benefit from any number of facial rejuvenation or facelift procedures….if performed properly. In the hands of the right surgeon Mr. Trump could look refreshed and more youthful without looking fake or phony. 

Specifically, I believe Mr. Trump could benefit from Botox® injections, a forehead lift, limited eyelid surgery plus skin rejuvenation; with these procedures, properly preformed, he would look rested and refreshed. Cheek implants would further rejuvenate his appearance.  If, in addition, Mr. Trump would have a lower cheek/neck lift, he could easily look like a 15 - 20 year younger version of himself…which might be a little too controversial, even for Donald Trump.”  

Well, now we know the answer to our question: “Did Donald Trump have a facelift?” Our expert’s response is: “NO!” But if there ever comes a time when Mr. Trump wants to look refreshed or even younger without losing his classic “Donald Trump Look”, I suggest he speak with one of the top facelift and facial rejuvenation experts in the world, Dr. David Morrow. See below for Dr. Morrow’s specific and detailed suggestions for Mr. Trump.*

Until then, when you see Donald Trump you are looking at the genuine Donald Trump. No nips, no tucks, no implants, no Botox®. Donald Trump is the Real Deal! 

*Facelift expert, Dr. Morrow’s provides his specific suggestions for Donald Trump:

Botox® Injections:  Botox® Injections would help Mr. Trump reduce his crow’s feet and reduce the hash lines between his eyes. Botox® could also reduce Mr. Trump’s scowl.  

Upper Face Lift:  Mr. Trump could benefit from an upper face lift.  I would perform this procedure endoscopically, under local anesthesia, with only small slit incisions in the scalp. And though this procedure has the potential to lift the whole upper face, for Mr. Trump, I would perform the procedure in a subtle way so that both his brows would be slightly higher and more symmetrical without feminizing his face, a mistake I often seen in botched celebrity facelifts. I would also use this procedure to remove the excess tissue in between Mr. Trump’s brows which is now sagging down to his upper nose. Please note: this procedure is not a “brow lift” but a true “upper face lift” and has a very short recovery time.  

Eyelid Surgery:   Though many surgeons would perform full upper blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery to remove the excess skin of his eyelids, I would not choose that procedure for Mr. Trump. This is because an upper facelift (see above) achieves a more natural looking result to lift drooping eyelid skin. Also a full upper blepharoplasty would feminize Mr. Trumps his eyes and pull down his eyebrows, another sign of botched cosmetic surgery I often see performed by other surgeons. Instead of upper eyelid surgery, I would use a small incision to remove his medial (near the nose) upper lid fat bags and I would also remove the fat bags of his lower eyelids using the transconjunctival approach, a scarless procedure that does not require cutting the skin. Both these procedure could be performed under local anesthesia and require a very short recovery time.

Cheek Implants.     Mr. Trump desperately needs large cheek implants because like many men and women his age, the depleted mass of his cheek bones has caused his face to "collapse.” Cheek implants would help restore boldness to Mr. Trump’s face, and help pick up some of the slack of the cheeks. This procedure is scarless and requires approximately ten days healing time. When performed with facelift surgery, facelifts look more natural and the results are longer lasting.  

Lower Face / Neck Lift:  Mr. Trump has a large face which due to his age, genetics and sun exposure has a huge amount of sagging and fullness of the cheeks and neck. In fact, Mr. Trump has sagging tissue all the way down to his collar bones and hanging over his shirt collar. A properly performed lower face/neck lift would resolve the sagging and reduce the unattractive fullness of his face and neck without making Mr. Trump look phony or fake.  

Earlobeplasty:  Mr. Trump would definitely benefit from surgery to refine his earlobes as part of his face/neck lift. Refining earlobes is only performed by the best facelift surgeons because it takes a lot of effort, time, skill, and artistry. Large, long, hanging earlobes or “pixie/devil’s” earlobes are both signs of a poorly performed facelift.  Certainly, if Mr. Trump would ever consider a facelift or facial rejuvenation surgery, he would want a surgeon to have and demonstrate the skill and attention to detail to surgically “tailor” natural looking earlobes.    

Skin Rejuvenation: In my experience, I have found that anyone over the age of 30 who has had unprotected sun exposure benefits from some sort of skin rejuvenation procedure to promote healthier, younger looking skin. This is particularly true for Mr. Trump who as an active outdoorsman has obvious sun damage to his skin, evident by the blotches, spots, uneven texture and fine lines on his face, arms and hands.  Though I was one of the first surgeons in the world to use lasers on the face, Iasers are no longer my first choice for skin rejuvenation. In treating literally tens of thousands of patients for sun damage, I find that a well performed, customized skin peel, in which I apply a range of acidic solutions, is the best, most reliable method for skin rejuvenation.  This painless technique is not the traditional “chemical peel” but what I call a Designed Skin Peel® that requires a very easy and short recovery time. A Designed Skin Peel® would greatly refresh Mr. Trump’s skin and improve its color & texture.

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