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Author: Mahhi123
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Story Of A Girl Working In A Call Centre Later Became Escort

I want to tell a story of a girl who was working in a call centre. She was just 20 young and charming. Her smile was so attractive that anyone can flat over her. She was very innocent because her society was from very back area. They believe that girl should not do job because it’s not their profession but she was brave girl. She decided that she will show to them that girls are  not mend for  just  house work. So she joined call centre. She was very dedicated girl so she didn’t look to others when she works. She was very cheerful girl so she made many friends. One of her friend was an escort boy. She didn’t know it. She was very intelligent girl ,so  she does her very fast.
After completing her work she used to talk him. The things were not usual while talking to him. Everyone get to know that she like Rajan a lot. Her friend told her why you don’t talk him about your feelings. But she was afraid about her aim for what she is here. It’s not her scope of life .So she refuses to confess her love for him. One day she saw Rajan on a roadside .She was just going to talk him but he moved on with a girl in car. She was very surprised that Rajan why doesn’t chooses her .So she decided to talk him about that. She called Rajan they went in a canteen. She proposed him and told that whether you like or not I just want to confess myself. She left the place. Rajan was a guy who actually knew how to handle this type of situation. 
He waited for till the office closes. She was about to leave the office. He catched hand and trap her in store room. She didn’t know that rajan is there. He kept his hand on her mouth then kissed on her lips. She was just amazed that what is going on. Office time was over so no one was there in office. Watchman was on off on that that day so they have special time for each other.Rajan said I had keys of office so don’t worry. She was angry with him but his kiss made her polite to talk him. She said who she was. He said she was just a friend. She believed on him. Rajan said that he also like her since he saw her. She hugged him very tightly. Rajan knowing fall on her so he can come over her front body part. She jerked him but eventually unable to control her emotion. She said love me as much you can do. He pushed her on sofa which was there in store room and came over on her. He pressed him towards sofa that his chest was sticked on her boobs.
They both intimate for late night. Then came back to home. Now she became seductive of intimacy. She needs regular pleasure for intimacy. She was fed of Rajan because it was usual, no new feel. She was in search of place where she can find new men for the desire which she had. One day she found her destination, she read newspaper about escort. She searched everything about escort girl n all and went to join Mumbai Escort Agency. She got so many new men for friendship and who want to have her at highest price. Now her needs were more but she had lots of money to fulfill it. Now no one was there to stop her .She left Escort agency and became independent girl…….Oop’s …..I mean independent escort girl


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