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Check The Durability And Scratch Resistance Properties With Paint Testing Instruments

Applying paint to any product is a pleasant experience because it gives a brand new look for an old product. The quality of paint coating is essential before applying it to any material. Paint is used for almost every material such as glass, cabinet faces, plastics, wood, metals, brick, ceramic tile, concrete slabs, concrete block, fabric, fiberglass exterior doors and many more. A long lasting, rust prevention and highly scratch resistance properties are essential in paint before using it for the industrial products. The Paint Testing Instruments are designed for checking the scratch hardness, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and many other basic properties of paint coatings applied to metal products.



Have You Noticed the Scratch on Your Car?

Many people pride themselves as they take good care of their vehicles and care quality of each product they are using for their cars, such as car glasses, body paint, wheel rubber, etc. Things happen, and it is common that you found minor nicks and marks that cannot be traced easily. The everyday use of cars results in auto scratches due to heavy traffic, minor accident, or someone unintentionally swiped the side of the vehicle with an object. The reason your car gets scratched very easily is due to inferior quality of paint coating, which is not tested using the proper equipment. The paint testing instruments are used to check the corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, crack formation, adhesion, and other quality of paints.


Useful Paint Testing Instruments for Reliability and Durability of Products

The paint testing instrument provides proactive and innovative solutions to meet customer requirements for the highest quality, user-friendly inspection equipment. Following are some of the valuable and advanced machines to check the essential quality of paint coatings.

  • Conical Mandrel Bending: The instrument is used to determine the properties of paint coating such as resistance to cracking detachment and elongation. The test assesses the flexibility and adhesion properties of coatings when subjected to bending stresses. The test material is bent around a conical shaped metal bar to examine the painted or coated panels. The machine has a diameter of 5 to 35 mm and is recommended for paint, coating, and varnish to assess the resistance, elongation, and detachment.


  • Impact Resistance Tester (Direct and Indirect): The instrument performs a test on coatings for crack formation, adhesion, elasticity and breaking off. The maximum height of the machine is one meter. A bulge is formed in the painted metal sheet by falling weight; the coating cane is inside or outside of the bulge. Different heights of fall or drop weights (500 gram to 1 kg) are used to vary the blow energy.  The tool is useful for checking resistance to impact surface damage and penetration for construction materials. The test can be performed in both direct and indirect ways.


  • Cross Hatch Tester: The tool is available with 1, 2, or 3 mm blades and is used to assess the resistance to separation of coatings from the substrate. The device is safe and simple which is widely used to determine the adhesion of paint coatings.


  • Scratch Hardness Tester (Hand Operated and Motorized): The instrument performs the tests for resistance to scratch under a specified load and is best suited for testing the paints, lacquers, and varnishes. The instrument has the ability to perform repetitive quality tests.  A single specified load on the needle is applied, or the load is increased to determine the minimum load at which the coating penetrates. The instrument is hand operated and motorized. 


  • Color Matching Cabinet: The instrument is highly recommended to check the color consistency and quality of paints. The equipment provides a consistent environment for evaluating the actual color of a material under different light sources.


  • Salt Spray Chamber: The machine is useful to check the rust proof ability of metallic coated surface in a salt laden environment. The instrument tests the corrosion resistance of painted metal substrate or metal substrate in a salt fog environment.


The paint testing instruments playing an important role to enhance the quality of the products and preventing against earlier decay or damage of the materials. The scratch, corrosion, and crack resistance property are tested using the high-quality tools and helping the different industries to produce the best products.



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